How To Choose the Right Blinds For Your Conservatory

conservatory blinds

  A conservatory is a desirable addition to a home, providing a unique space where the outdoors blend into your home. However, to make this space comfortable and to enjoy it to the fullest, it is important to be able to control the amount of sun the room receives. This is essential for being able […]

Top Tips For Adding Style With Blinds


Top Tips For Adding Style With Blinds Styling your home is an exciting time which gives you an opportunity for unrestrained self-expression. While furnishings may be your first thought for creating style in your home, the impact of window dressings on a room should not be overlooked. There is a huge range of styles and […]

Maintaining your Privacy with Blinds

Style doesn’t have to suffer with practicality. Many homes don’t have the luxury of windows looking onto private land with attractive scenery, in which case the option of screening your windows for privacy is a must. Blinds are a fantastic option to achieve this goal, however, a lot of individuals believe that installing blinds means […]

How to clean wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are an elegant option of window covering which can add warmth and a homely, rustic tone to a room. However, to maintain the beauty of your wooden blinds, it is important to keep them clean and dust free. Although slatted blinds can gather dust more easily than other styles, regular cleaning and deterring […]

Getting a Great Night’s Sleep

The majority of people have at some point experienced difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep. A variety of factors can impede your sleep from uneven sleep patterns to excessive light getting into the room through ill-fitting window coverings. A great night’s sleep is important as it can affect many factors in your day-to-day life, […]

What are the benefits of Blackout Blinds?

The type of blinds you purchase will be entirely dependent on your unique requirements, not just on what you think looks good (though obviously that plays an important role, too). For instance, if you’re looking to insulate your home then honeycomb thermal blinds are the ideal choice. Another is if you need to block out […]

How to Make Your Home Warm This Winter

One of the biggest concerns people have during the winter months is how to keep their homes warm as the mercury plummets. While you could splash out large amounts of money on the heating, there are other, more ingenious methods to keep your home warm that you should consider. Here, we’ll be detailing just a […]

How to Brighten up Your Dark Room

A happy home is one that is comfortable, warm and bright. Sometimes, though, making your room feel as bright as it has the potential to be can be easier said than done. This may be because it sits on the wrong side of the house or that you have poor lighting installed. Whatever the reasons, […]

Why Are Child Safety Blinds Important?

Traditionally, not much thought was spared for making blinds safe for children. Designs were simply created and ushered out, but a number of blind-related child deaths around the world in recent times has seen some major revisions to a number of designs. Along with major legislative action in the European Union and elsewhere, child-safe blinds […]

What Are Your Blinds Really Saying? The Importance of Colour

The types of blinds that you have in your room can convey a whole host of moods and impressions that most people may not even give a second thought about. However, familiarity with the feelings certain colours and styles can invoke is pivotal to choosing the right blinds for your room, blending with and complementing […]