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What Are The Best Blinds For a Conservatory?

12th January 2015

Conservatories are fantastic, light spaces, that – given the right blinds – can be kept warm and cosy in winter as well as cool yet bright in summer. When choosing blinds to work well for your conservatory, there are various considerations to make when it comes to deciding between the different types of blinds available. Here are some handy tips that can help you choose the right set of blinds for your space:

Roller blinds

For conservatories that get a lot of sun throughout the day, whether that be during the long summer days or the bright mornings of winter, roller blinds can provide a perfect solution. Since they are easily manoeuvred up and down, this type of blind can be moved to let in more light, block it out completely or simply dim it.

Light in weight and easy to clean, you can not only adjust them accordingly throughout the day depending on the sun’s movements, even having separate blinds for each window, but they allow for a lot of freedom in terms of colour and style. For a cosy look and feel in your conservatory, or for a room that is subject to a lot of bright light throughout the day, choose a darker blind that will block out light more effectively and create a dimmed atmosphere. For conservatories with the purpose of being as bright as possible the year-round, opt for a lighter colour blind; even one of slightly less opaque fabric. Do note, however, that continual exposure to the sun can discolour the fabric of your blinds, so choose a long-lasting, high quality fabric in a colour that will not show its discolouration too dramatically where you can.

Venetian blinds

If you wish to opt for venetian blinds in your conservatory, bear in mind that wooden blinds are not a wise choice for this kind of space where light, intense heat yet constant and dramatic temperature changes are all common. Indeed, for this reason uPVC slats will not function in this kind of space either; for venetian blinds in a conservatory, the best choice are those made of aluminum.

Venetian blinds give conservatories a chic, modern look, offering spaces a serious style update. On top of this, this type of blind provides superb privacy whilst still allowing those within the conservatory to see out and benefit from light streaming in. The insulation provided by venetian blinds is not as substantial as a roller blind made from a thick, dark fabric, but is still reasonable, making them a good option for a conservatory. As well as this, they are lightweight and easier to clean than roller blinds, with a simple wipe of the slats with a wet cloth making them look as good as new.

Vertical blinds

For covering large areas, there is no doubt that vertical blinds can be an excellent solution, and indeed their functionality when it comes to blocking and allowing light make them – in theory – a good choice for a conservatory. They certainly look attractive, allowing for a modern look and feel and providing excellent privacy to those within.

However, they can in fact be impractical for conservatories. These blinds must be fitted in front of protruding fittings such as door handles, meaning they do not lay flat against a surface and subsequently making them wave and get tangled in the wind.
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