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5 Things to Consider When Buying Window Blinds

21st April 2015

Whatever the style, era or decor of your home and its windows, there is a blind out there for you. With a variety of blinds on offer on the market, there is a wealth of choice on  offer, which can sometimes make the decision of which are the best types of blind to pick overwhelming and perhaps confusing. Here, we have some top tips to consider which can help you decide which are the right window blinds for you:

Your decor and style

First and foremost, it is important to choose a style of window blind that will suit your existing decor. If you choose something that sticks out, you will not only spoil the existing style and aesthetic, but you may be tempted to completely redecorate the whole of the room or space in question; a process that may be both time-consuming and costly.

Your budget

Indeed, on the subject of cost, it is worth setting out with a clear budget to stick to when deciding on the right set of blinds for your household. Blinds can differ in price greatly, not to mention the consideration of how many windows you will need to be ‘kitted out’ with the blinds. If you are only having one room with, perhaps, two windows needing blinds, it could be advisable to invest in a smarter, more upmarket set, whereas a whole house requiring blinds could beg for a slightly cheaper choice to keep your bank balance looking healthy!

Light and privacy

When choosing a set of blinds for a room or, indeed, a whole household, it is important to consider the levels of light you wish to let into the property as well as the privacy you wish to be granted from the style and material of the blind you choose. If you are hoping to achieve a cosy, darker room with high levels of privacy, opt for a full roller blind made from a dark, thick fabric. Alternatively, for a light, bright and airy room, wooden slats or light fabrics work well to let the light in and achieve this effect without having to expend huge amounts on electricity bills to make the room brighter artificially.


Much like the above considerations, insulation can be a key factor in helping you decide what sort of blind will work best in your home. Dark, thick fabrics and wooden slats can work brilliantly to keep rooms insulated and cosy, whereas for rooms like the conservatory where it is important for heat to escape from in those hot summer months, pale colours and light materials or metal slats are excellent to achieve that cool feel you need.

Practicality for cleaning and upkeep

Darker colours, as in all areas of the home, are more practical to keep clean, hiding stains. However, in general, wooden, plastic and metal slatted blinds such as Venetian blinds are quick and easy to wipe down, enabling them to be kept clean year-round with minimal effort.

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