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5 Reasons to Invest In Window Shutters For Your Home

20th November 2017

Plantation Shutters, also known as wooden or window shutters, are an attractive and practical alternative to the more common window coverings of blinds and curtains. One of the most enduring forms of window dressing with a history that spans back to Ancient Greece, shutters are a timeless option. Plantation Shutters in particular are typified by their wide louvres, durability and adaptability. Although they may have a slightly higher upfront cost than your typical blinds or curtains, there are plenty of reasons plantation shutters make for a strong home investment.


1. Tailored

Plantation shutters are highly adaptable, meaning that they can be fitted to almost any shape or size of window. Curtains and blinds can be a lot harder to fit to windows which are unusual or atypical shapes as they both have to hang from a rigid, uncompromising headrail or curtain pole. So, if you have awkward arches or problematic portholes, bespoke shutters could be the perfect solution to make the most of your feature windows.



2. Elegant

One of the main advantages to plantation shutters is, undeniably, their style and elegance. With the chic feel of real wood and the sleek look of louvres, these window dressings can enhance any room of the home and coordinate with any interior design style. You aren’t limited to classic white either, with many colours and finishes available nowadays.



3. Versatile

Plantation shutters can be very versatile window coverings. There are plenty of options for operation, depending on how you would like to use them. For example, you can get ‘double hung’ styles where the shutters are split in half horizontally, allowing independent operation of the top and bottom halves of the window covering. This can be an excellent way to maintain privacy in a room whilst also allowing in plentiful light. With different opening styles available – such as bi-fold and side hinged – you can ensure your shutters work just how you want.



4. Fantastic Light Control

If you want to let in a generous amount of daylight into your home, but also want to be able to keep out prying eyes and streetlights at night, then plantation shutters are perfect. The louvre slats can be easily rotated, allowing you to tilt them to the ideal angle for letting in light during the daytime whilst also eliminating harsh, direct beams. What’s more, at night or in the evenings the solid wood makes for an effective blackout material.



5. Privacy and Security

Not only do the louvres of plantation shutters give you optimal light control, they can also enhance your home’s privacy. If you live on a busy street or with nearby neighbours, you may find yourself looking for ways to keep your home free from prying eyes. Clever angling of your louvres will hinder a direct line of sight into your property without preventing light admittance. Furthermore, the sturdy materials and robust structure of your plantation shutters can enhance the security of your home.


If you are considering plantation shutters for your home in and around Sheffield or Rotherham, take a look at the practical and stylish options UK Blinds Direct have to offer. We have a wide range of high-quality window coverings to choose from, ensuring that there is something to suit any room of the house and any style of home. As well as our impressive product range, we also have skilled, professional fitters on hand to carry out meticulous window dressing installations for you too. Get in touch today to talk to one of our helpful team.