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5 Reasons Why Bespoke Blinds are Always Best

31st August 2018

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not always easy to find blinds that fit. Purchasing non-bespoke blinds can often be risky; they may not be the right size, look the way you wanted – and may even end up needing costly adjustments. This article will be looking into the benefits of bespoke blinds – and why they may be right for you.

perfect fit pleated blinds

  1. Better size and fit
  2. When choosing bespoke, you will get your windows precisely measured so that the resulting blinds will fit them perfectly. This particular service is extremely beneficial for windows of an unconventional shape or size. Unlike buying straight off the shelf, when ordering a bespoke blind service you can feel assured that you will be satisfied with the finished result and won’t need to go through the hassle of taking the blinds back or making further adjustments. In comparison with blinds that fit adequately, made to measure blinds that fit absolutely perfectly provide total privacy, and an unmatched aesthetic that leaves your windows looking sharp.

  3. Custom design
  4. Ordering bespoke blinds allows you to be involved in the creative process, granting you a huge choice of fabrics and designs to choose from. Unlike buying ready-made blinds, your bespoke blinds will be tailored in the exact way you wish, bringing your own personal flare to your windows.

  5. High craftsmanship
  6. Bespoke blinds are measured and handcut to perfectly fit your window or door. They are embossed with your personal choice of linings, fabrics and design. All of these factors demand attention to detail to ensure you get the finished product you envisaged. Subsequently, bespoke blinds boast superior craftsmanship; they will usually be of higher quality and, therefore, are more visually appealing. In addition, greater care usually entails a longer lasting product, meaning that choosing bespoke blinds can actually be a great financial option.

  7. Custom fabrics
  8. Choice of fabric is included in bespoke customisation. Choose between a huge range of fabrics and textures to suit your personal style. Higher quality fabrics will lead to a longer lasting product, however, bespoke gives you the option to have the blinds how you please, so if you are on a stricter budget, you can opt for slightly lower quality fabrics at a more suitable price.

  9. Fit them for you
  10. Having experts personally create your blinds has its perks. When ordering bespoke blinds, especially with UK Blinds Direct, you will have your blinds fitted for you. This will remove the hassle of tedious installations, and guarantee an efficient service. In addition, having professionals install your blinds for you ensures perfect placement for the best results.


Here at UK Blinds Direct, we offer a bespoke blinds service, in which we work alongside you to create custom blinds suited perfectly to your window and style. For more information, or to learn more about any of our products, contact our friendly team today.