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Beautiful Window Dressing Ideas

30th November 2018

Window Dressing - UK Blinds direct

More than just a pane of glass, windows can be decorated and dressed to become a key component in the character of a home. With an abundance of coverings on the market, each with their own styles, colours and fabrics, there’s no excuse for keeping your windows bare. This article is going to offer some tips and ideas on how to transform your boring windows into a stylistic feature of your home.


Gone are the days of simple, plain curtains. The classic rod-hanging fabrics can be utilised in a variety of ways to accentuate your windows.

Trim – Trims provide a finishing touch to a curtain that can significantly change their overall look. Adding a gold trim, for example can give your curtains — and window — a premium feel.

Layers – Why settle for just one pair of curtains? One idea to make your window look extra special is to dress it in a series of layered curtains, all varying in transparency for a unique veiled effect.


Shutters are a less orthodox choice of window dressing that often make a bold statement. Offering both classic and contemporary styles, the thick slats can be designed in a colour of your choice to either blend seamlessly with the rest of your home or contrast with it to make your windows stand out.


A great way to adorn your windows is to apply a variety of aesthetic objects to your windowsill. Flowers are typically a great asset to a windowsill; not only do they offer bursts of colour but they also provide natural elements that freshen the room and vitalise those in it. Colourful ornaments offer a similar effect.


We don’t think we’re biased when we say that blinds may just be the best way to dress a window. Blinds are incredibly versatile; not only are there a huge range of colours and designs to choose from but the various styles offer a plethora of different effects and applications.

Bold colour – Though colourful blinds are not the newest invention, many people remain unaware of the sheer amount of customisable colours and designs that can be implemented on a blind. Not only can you create blinds from literally any colour in existence, but the blinds can be customised further with dual colours, multi colours and patterns.

Perfect Fit blinds – Blinds need not completely hide your windows in their entirety. Opting for Perfect Fit blinds means your blind will be fitted inside the recess, keeping your windows visible but transforming them into a canvas of colour or design when the blinds are extended down.This effect will be best achieved with slatless blinds, such as roller blinds.

Roman blinds – These blinds are an exceptionally attractive addition to any window due to the thick, premium fabric that they are comprised of. When the blind is retracted, the fabric perches at the top of your window in a neat envelope, creating a stunning top border.

Vision blinds – The unique effect of these modern blinds will transform any window into a central talking point. Combining two fabrics on top of one another with specifically positioned slats, vision blinds alternate between a light and dark effect as they are rolled down.

At UK Blinds Direct we offer a huge selection of blinds, among other window coverings, to ensure your windows are looking as stylish as possible. Take a look through our website to view our stunning range of products.