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5 Benefits of Blackout Blinds You Get Nowhere Else

23rd January 2017

The type of blinds you purchase will be entirely dependent on your unique requirements, not just on what you think looks good (though obviously that plays an important role, too). For instance, if you’re looking to insulate your home then honeycomb thermal blinds are the ideal choice. Another is if you need to block out all incoming light in your room, you’ll need blackout blinds. Here we’ll be discussing all of the benefits of blackout blinds.

Complete Darkness

If you work nights or you have young children you’re putting to bed before the sun has gone down, blackout blinds are the perfect solution. Likewise, if your room is bathed in light from lamp posts and passing traffic throughout the night, your sleep could be disrupted. Blackout blinds eliminate this issue, creating a dark room you can truly relax in.

Unrivalled Privacy

Not only do blackout blinds stop all light from entering your room, they also stop all light escaping your room too. This means that although you can’t see outside through your blinds, no one else can see in either, thus achieving complete privacy.

A Quiet Rest

Blackout blinds also reduce the levels of outside sound entering your room. The thick material dampens any disruptive sound in addition to reducing glare. So if you live near a busy road or have loud neighbours, blackout blinds can help alleviate your tired ears from annoying noises.

Lower Energy Costs

Blackout materials are thicker than those used in standard blinds, meaning the insulating qualities of blackout blinds are far superior and have the ability to lower your energy costs. When it’s cold the material will contain any heat in your home, but in the summer it can work in the opposite direction, reflecting the searing summer heat out instead of channeling it into your room. In both circumstances, this can see your energy costs fall dramatically.

Excellent in Children’s Rooms

A good night’s sleep is important for everyone, but especially for young children. Blackout blinds ensure that your child has a restful night’s sleep, free of any and all distractions. A long, deep sleep is essential for your child, allowing them to grow and develop unimpaired both physically and mentally. Blackout blinds also put to bed the excuses about it still being light outside, so you can get your child to bed earlier a little easier.

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