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Best Blinds to Keep You Warm This Winter

31st January 2019

Best Blinds to Keep You Warm This Winter - UK Blinds Direct

Many people have been shuddering this winter — partly because it’s cold, but also partly because they realised they missed out on installing and enjoying the insulating features found on some the UK’s top blinds styles. There are a wealth of blind styles that add insulating functionality to a home as well as a modern and stylish aesthetic. Moreover, keeping your room warm will help to lower your energy bill, saving you money — and the planet.

This article is going to take a look at which blinds are best for keeping you warm this winter.

Blackout blinds

Blackout blinds are well known for their ability to absorb light. But little do people know that the very same fabric can also help to insulate your home. This is because the fabric used for blackout blinds is typically thicker than the fabrics found on other blinds. The thicker fabric acts as a barrier between the warm air in the room and the cold surface of the window, thereby retaining a circulation of warm air.

Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds are a subset of pleated blinds that feature three-dimensional honeycomb-shaped slats. The unorthodox slats aren’t solely for aesthetic purposes, however. Honeycomb blinds have been specifically engineered to capture and hold warm air as a measure of keeping the room warmer for longer.  Typically, air cools at the point it touches a window. The honeycomb blinds capture the warm air before it is capable of transferring heat and is instead released back to circulate the room once again.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are often described as evoking warmth, but this isn’t just because of their gorgeous natural look. The slats of wooden blinds are thicker than other blinds and, similarly to blackout blinds, create a stronger barrier against escaping warm air than other blinds styles. This helps to prevent warm air from becoming cold, thus functioning as an effective insulator.

Perfect fit blinds

Perfect fit blinds fit seamlessly within the recess of a window. This provides a sharp, clean look that prevents the emergence of side gaps. Side gaps are little open pockets between the window and blind. They provide an entryway for warm air to escape and cool. Perfect fit blinds give you full cover to keep warm air in the room for longer.

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