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Why Are Child Safety Blinds Important?

26th October 2016

Traditionally, not much thought was spared for making blinds safe for children. Designs were simply created and ushered out, but a number of blind-related child deaths around the world in recent times has seen some major revisions to a number of designs. Along with major legislative action in the European Union and elsewhere, child-safe blinds are now the norm. But what aspects of blinds have had to be made safe? What were the risks and how have they been eliminated? Here, we’ll be addressing just that.

The Risks

Namely, it has been corded blinds that have been of primary concern when it comes to child safety. Cords that may snap under the weight of an adult, would not necessarily break under the weight of a child. Alternatively, the blinds also have the potential to collapse under strained weight, falling on a small child and causing serious injury.

Innovative Safety Measures

In a bid to eliminate risks to child safety, a number of innovative designs have sprung forward. The primary alteration has seen the removal or concealment of cords. No longer are blinds installed with freely hanging cords of the old design. Instead, blinds are made with a Safe by Design ethos. These blinds are either cordless or have tensioned or concealed cords, with them being typically pushed or pulled into position. Motorised designs also eliminate the need for cords.

The categories child-safe blinds can be split into those with in-built safety features and those with external safety fittings. The former involves safety features as part of the integral design of the blinds. As some window shapes and blind styles do not easily lend themselves to a cordless design, in-built child safety features must be used instead. These consist of chain-break connectors and breakaway tassels. Concealed cords also may help.

On the other hand, separate safety systems can be used for blinds that require additional measures to ensure safety. These involve installing a tensioning system or an accumulation device such as a cleat. Both of these methods keep the cord safely out of the reach of children.

UK Blinds Direct and the Make It Safe Campaign

The Make It Safe Campaign has worked with a number of official bodies, such as European standards bodies, HM Government and the Trading Standards body to ensure child-safe blinds are produced across the EU. In 2014, new EU-wide standards were introduced that did just that. UK Blinds Direct are proud to uphold all of the standards laid out by the new legislation and the British Blind and Shutter Association’s Make It Safe Campaign, and you too can benefit from our exceptional blinds.

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