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A Guide to Cleaning Your Blinds

14th December 2019

A key part of the decor in your home, your blinds will last longer and look better if you make the effort to keep them clean. There are a number of blind styles you might have in your home, as well as a range of materials, which means there are a variety of approaches required for cleaning your blinds.

To keep your blinds clean, take a look at this quick guide to tackling dirt, dust and general grime for each blind type.

Woman cleaning blinds with duster

How to clean roller blinds

Generally, roller blinds are relatively easy to keep clean. To help clean and maintain your blinds on a regular basis, without taking your blinds down, all you will need is a clean, damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner (with a brush or upholstery attachment).

Step one – fully lower your blinds

Step two – take your vacuum cleaner and, using the upholstery attachment, gently run it across your blinds in a downwards motion to help remove loose dirt and dust.

Step three – take a clean, damp cloth and, in a downwards motion, wipe the blinds clean until you’re satisfied with the results. This should be done gently so as to not crease, dent or damage your roller blinds.

Step four – wait for your roller blinds to dry completely before raising to their original position.

How to clean Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds in conservatory

Although dust and loose dirt tend to settle easily on Venetian blinds, they’re incredibly simple to maintain, meaning you’ll always have clean, fresh blinds in no time with the following cleaning method:

Step one – completely lower and open your blinds

Step two – take a cloth or feather duster and run it along each panel

Step three – to make doubly sure that the dust has been removed, take a clean, damp cloth and run it across each panel from left to right.

Step four – leave to dry before raising or closing your blinds

To clean wooden Venetian blinds, see ‘how to clean wooden blinds’.

How to clean wooden blinds

Wooden blinds can be tricky to clean, particularly because you must refrain from using water to remove any dirt. Here’s how to clean your wooden blinds without damaging them:

Step one – lower your blinds fully (and open the slats if you have wooden Venetian blinds)

Step two – take a feather duster or a clean, dry microfibre cloth and run it along your wooden blinds until you’ve removed all dust and dirt.

Step three – take a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush or upholstery attachment and go around the blinds again, paying particular attention to fixtures and fittings so that they’re still able to be operated smoothly.

Step four – to remove stubborn stains from faux wooden blinds, lightly dip a clean cloth into a mixture of water and white vinegar, then ring it out until the cloth slightly damp. Avoid using more water than necessary.

How to clean Roman blinds

Roman blinds in bedroom

Roman blinds are typically made of thick fabric to help keep draughts out and retain warmth within the home. Despite being made from quality material, they’re just as easy to clean as a roller blind, and again, all you’ll need is a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery or soft brush attachment.

Step one – fully lower your blinds

Step two – take your vacuum cleaner with an appropriate attachment and gently run it across your Roman blinds in a downwards motion. Take care not to snag the fabric or knock any of the fixtures and fittings.

Step three – pay particular attention to the sides and bottom of the blinds, as this is where they’ll make the most contact with the window sill and window frame, making it particularly prone to dust collection over time.

Step four – once you’ve finished, leave the blind open for around half an hour before raising again.

How to clean vision blinds

Vision blinds are incredibly stylish and contemporary, and are a popular choice with homeowners. But they’re just as easy to clean as they are to operate, and here’s how you can do it:

Step one – completely lower your blinds

Step two – take a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush or upholstery attachment and lightly run it along your vision blinds, paying particular attention to fixtures and fittings, but take care not to unhinge or damage any of them.

Step three – once all dust has been removed, take a clean, damp cloth and gently wipe the blinds down until you’re satisfied that they’re clean.

Step four – keep the blinds down and let them completely dry before raising.

How to clean vertical blinds

Waiting area with vertical blinds shut

Vertical blinds are renowned for being incredibly low maintenance. The way in which they hang means that it’s relatively difficult for them to collect dust and dirt in the same way a set of Venetian blinds would. However, the headrail that your vertical blinds are clipped into will need to be cleaned and lubricated every once in a while, and here’s how to do it:

Step one – carefully unclip each of the louvres from the headrail – this will allow you to gain full access to the headrail itself.

Step two – once the blinds have been removed, take a clean, damp cloth and wipe the headrail down until all dust and dirt has been removed.

Step three – take some silicone spray and squirt a small amount into the side rail – this is where the winding mechanism is located. Silicone spray will keep the mechanisms running smoothly. Use the spray sparingly and avoid getting any on the blind fabric, as it will leave a stain.

Step four – dust down the blinds with a feather duster before clipping them back into the headrail.

Step five – clip the blinds back into the headrail and operate as normal.

How to clean pleated blinds

Purple pleated blinds in living room

Pleated blinds are rather delicate and require a light touch when cleaning. Unless a stain or mark appears, it’s relatively easy to rid them of dust and dirt, simply by using a vacuum cleaner complete with a soft brush or upholstery attachment.

Removing dust and loose dirt

Step one – lower the blinds fully

Step two – run the vacuum cleaner over your pleated blinds, being careful not to apply too much pressure so as to avoid damaging or crumpling the blinds.

Step three – leave your pleated blinds in the lowered position for a short time and then raise one you’re ready.

Removing stains

Step one – remove the blinds from the window and lay on a clean, flat surface.

Step two – take a cleaning spray, which is suitable for fabrics or upholstery, and squirt it over the entirety of the blind. Leave it to set in for around five minutes, or for as long as the manufacturer advises.

Step three – gently rub the stain using a clean, damp (but not wet) cloth until the mark has disappeared.

Step four – gently wipe the spray residue away using another clean, damp cloth and leave the blinds to dry completely.

Step five – rehang the pleated blinds and operate as normal.

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