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Create a Summery Look With Pastels And Bright Roller Blinds

7th June 2016

Do you want to create a summery look in your home? There’s no time like the present to inject your home full of good vibes for the summer months. Capitalise on what’s set to be one of the hottest summers on record and transform the atmosphere in your home to accommodate the season, and then to take those good times with you into the colder tail end of the year.

Warm pastels

The type of room you’re looking to revitalise will influence the colours you need to lean toward to achieve the feeling of summer, but no matter the room you’ll be wanting to choose classic colours we associate with soothing times and warmth, such as sunshine yellow. Living rooms are suited to this type of yellow, while bathrooms require a slightly different approach and demand a cool blue or likewise colour, for bedrooms, choose a softer colour like violet to denote rest.

Pastel colours are almost neutral but very soothing and are therefore widely applicable in an array of scenarios and for many various purposes.

Bright roller blinds

A good way to add extra layers of colours to your home is to utilise simple roller blinds; these types of blinds are made of a long roll of fabric you can roll up and down your window, and they come in a wide range of patterns and colours that provide you with more options to diversify colours in your home.

Roller blinds that seize upon brighter colours will invigorate your home, especially where these colours are different to the colours of your walls. Blocks of single colours are not the only option open to you when it comes to roller blinds. Mix and match colours on roller blinds if your local supplier offers bespoke blinds, or shop around for the ideal combination in the ranges on offer.

Patterns are also available, similar to those you might find on wallpaper. A flowery design that reflects the vibrant world beyond your blinds would be a perfect choice when trying to create a summery look in your home.

One of our tip tips is that you should look to find the perfect blind for the designs you have for the rest of your room first and not the other way around.  Purchasing a brand new blind for your room before you have settled on the colour scheme can cause odd colour combinations and result in your room looking garish or mismatched. 


As centrepieces of any room, your furniture helps define the atmosphere of the space, so choosing the right pieces for the feeling you want to invoke is essential. Another top tip from us is to choose furniture, for example a settee, of a warm colour. It will serve to complement the colours in the rest of the room and help give you the summery look you have want to achieve. While a mismatch of furniture style from decorative style can work in some cases and give a quirky feel, it may also backfire and consequently undermine the vibes of summer and wreck your DIY project: tread lightly!

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