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Do I Need A Professional To Install Blinds?

4th August 2022

There are many advantages to having a professional install your blinds. So although you may think you can fit your blinds yourself you might want to consider letting the experts do it instead. UK Blinds Direct offer a free fitting service when you purchase a set of blinds from us. We ensure your new window dressing is installed with the utmost skill and precision every single time. Here’s how you can benefit from our free installation service today.

Why should I get someone in to fit my blinds?

Blinds installation

It’s more convenient

Calling a professional to install your blinds is a hugely convenient service, saving you time, money and hassle:

You’ll be saving money

Installing blinds yourself can be fairly costly. It may require you to buy tools that you probably won’t need, or you could drill holes in the wrong part of the wall. This will then need repairing. Our team of specialists will already be well-equipped with the correct tools to fit your blinds. Therefore, you won’t have to buy any yourself. With our expert knowledge, we will also know exactly where any holes need to be drilled if required. Our fitting service is also free! So you’ll be able to take advantage of that when buying a set of blinds from us.

You won’t be wasting any time

Fitting a set of blinds can be quite time consuming, especially when doing it yourself. Our expert fitters are fully trained and highly experienced in the installation of blinds, regardless of which type you go for. This means that we’ll be able to fit your blinds in a quick and timely manner, without compromising on the quality of installation. Your blinds will sit flush to your window, thus eliminating any gaps.

It’s less hassle for you

Installing your own blinds can prove to be quite the task, especially if you haven’t done it before. So put down your spirit level and electric drill (which you may not need anyway) and let our expert fitters help. When you buy a set of blinds from us, we’re always happy to fit them for you! Regardless of which type you have opted for. We’ll ensure that your new blinds are promptly installed so that you can start enjoying them as soon as possible. We’ll make sure that no mess is left behind, leaving you with a tidy home and a window dressing that you can be proud of.

Mitigates unexpected problems

Having a highly experienced professional install your blinds can mean that unforeseen problems and issues are less likely to be encountered in the process. When they do arise, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. Our expert fitters are fully trained in blind installation. Gives you peace of mind that a problem is highly unlikely to occur. They’re also very familiar with the different fixtures and fittings, allowing your blinds to be fitted quickly and easily.

Some of our blinds may even require holes to be drilled. Our professional blind fitters will know exactly where to carry out the work. Ensuring you aren’t left with unnecessary holes or damage to your walls. If you’re eager to avoid unexpected problems, then let one of our specialists take on the job for you! A service which is available when buying blinds from us here at UK Blinds Direct.


Blinds After InstallationA quality finish is always guaranteed

A set of blinds can really add to the aesthetic and feel of your home. Venetian blinds can turn a room into a contemporary, relaxing space, a set of Roman blinds can transform a draughty living room into a cosy retreat and pleated blinds can add a quirky edge to a bedroom or bathroom. However, the way in which they’re hung is just as important as the colour, style or material they’re made from.

Our expert fitters will make sure that your blinds are fitted with absolute precision. Ensuring they sit straight and flush to your window. Even if your windows are of an unusual shape, you’re still guaranteed the same high-quality installation as a conventional window. Allow for skilful blind installation by taking full advantage of our free fitting service, when you buy a set of blinds from us here at UK Blinds Direct.

Blinds in Rotherham

A professional blinds company will be able to best advise you on which blinds would be best for your home. This all depends on what you’re looking to achieve. If you’re wanting full light and privacy control, then our experts may suggest a set of roller blinds as one of your options. We’ll even be able to let you know whether drilling is required to install your blinds, along with the process for fitting automated blinds. If you have any questions you’d like to ask, or if you’d like some advice about a particular window dressing, we’ll be able to help – it’s all part of the service.

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