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A Guide To Perfect Fit Blinds

11th March 2015

Perfect fit blinds are one of the blind and curtain industry’s newest offerings, providing a solution that is not only practical, but incredibly easy on the eye. Working in a variety of spaces, both new and old, you can transform your property with the simple installation of one of these blinds; we guarantee you’ll never look back to the days of simpler designs. Here, we provide a brief guide which details all you need to know about perfect fit blinds.

What are they

Perfect fit blinds are a type of blind that fits perfectly onto double glazed windows and doors with uPVC frames without the need to drill holes and damage the frames. By eliminating the need to do so, frames are left in good condition, untarnished by drill holes.

Perfect fit blinds can be trimmed to size to ensure a close fit to any window, allowing both a neat aesthetic and an effective solution in terms of light blocking as no light can be let in around the edges of the blinds where they do not meet the outer frame of the window.


As discussed already, these blinds are extremely practical in that they can be trimmed down to size to ensure an extremely close fit to the windows they are used upon. There are a range of further benefits to consider as well:

These blinds really are practical, safe and indeed the “perfect fit” for a variety of properties, making them one of the more popular designs on the market today. Why not kit your property out with a set, and experience their benefits for yourself.

Here at UK Blinds Direct, we have a variety of blind solutions to suit a variety of customer requirements. Whatever your property’s size, style or period, we are confident we can find the right solution for you at a price you can afford. Simply get in touch with our friendly team of experts today, and let us find the right solution for you – we’re happy to help with any enquiry.