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2 Ways Blinds Can Help Your Hay Fever

22nd August 2016

How Blinds Can Help Your Hay Fever

Although the return of summer can’t come soon enough for a lot of us, for others the sunny weather brings with it irritation and misery in the form of the dreaded hay fever. When the pollen starts causing trouble for hay fever sufferers in earnest, there’ll be a rush to find the best remedies and prevention methods out there. One good preventative measure you could employ if you suffer from hay fever is to install blinds in your home or business.

Lower Temperatures

The heat of the summer months will make it harder to cope with allergies, so any respite you can get from the heat should be seized with two hands. Blinds block some of the heat from penetrating into your home or business, making it cooler and therefore easier to cope with hay fever. This is because our blood vessels and sinuses expand in the heat to try and shed excess heat, but if the room is cool your body won’t be overworked in this regard and you’ll be able to breathe easier.

Block Pollen

If you need to open the window to try and cool your home or business down, blinds can help to stop pollen from pouring into the room. As a physical barrier, your blinds will catch pollen as it streams into the room, but will still let the cooler air through. But be sure not to shake the blinds later – just as you shouldn’t dry your clothes or bedding outside on pollenous days because they’ll end up covered in the offending pollen, your blinds will now be coated too, so don’t get too close!

Roller blinds are the most preferable option for those trying to keep their hay fever at bay, but if you have to go for slatted blinds then you’ll need to make sure that pollen and dust doesn’t collect too much. Clean them regularly to avoid a nasty surprise sneezing fit when a gust of wind dislodges the pollen on the slats!


During the height of hay fever season, you’ll need all the help you can get to keep the symptoms at bay. Blinds are just one among many methods you could use to help you deal with your or your customer’s hay fever, but their advantage is that they don’t require swallowing a number of tablets for them to have a positive effect on your health. If you don’t have blinds installed in your home or business, consider doing so today.

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