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How can Blinds Increase Productivity in the Workplace?

31st October 2018

Venetian Blinds - UK Blinds Direct

Not only will blinds boost the character of your office – providing a unique customisable aesthetic and bespoke office branding – but blinds can also greatly improve workplace productivity. This is perhaps a lesser known secret, but today UK Blinds Direct are going to help give your business an edge by disclosing all the ways installing blinds in your workspace can help boost productivity.

Reducing sun glare

Premium light control is imperative to ensuring high productivity in the workplace. In a workplace with undressed windows, glare from the sun will often cause major hassle and annoyance to the workers. Most notably, sun glare can impede a worker’s sight, causing them hampered vision as well as eye discomfort. Even if the glare isn’t hitting them directly in the eyes, sun glare on computer screens can still cause workers to miss important information that they otherwise would have seen. This can make your workforce prone to mistakes that could easily have been avoided.

Venetian blinds and vision blinds are just two blind types whose designs provide effective light control.

Keeping heat in or out

Preventing your workspace from getting too hot or too cold is essential for optimum productivity. While being too hot or or too cold can obviously be physically uncomfortable, and therefore distracting, a lesser known effect – especially with being too hot – is the direct impact on cognitive function.

A recent study has shown that, when in a hot environment, the body attempts to cools itself down and bring itself back to its natural temperature using a high portion of glucose. However, brain function also needs glucose to operate sufficiently, and when glucose reserves are low, cognitive function is impaired. Being too hot, therefore, can deplete these glucose reserves and reduce mental ability. In fact, studies have shown that people in a warm room will likely perform worse in the following areas: perception and awareness, decision making and processing information, and calculations.

Installing blinds that capture and control the heat input of a room is, therefore, very important. Roller blinds are a great option for preventing a room from getting too hot. For even greater protection, use a blackout fabric; these can be applied to any of our wide range of blinds styles.

Colours and their effect on mood

Another lesser known secret is that the colours you choose for your blinds can have a psychological impact on your workers and influence their productivity. This is because different colours trigger certain responses in the brain. Blue, for example, triggers calmness, and so can be utilised as a colour for use in high-pressure environments. Green and orange are good colours for boosting creativity, and so these colours will help improve performance of workers in a creative role. On the other end of the spectrum, red can increase stress, and therefore make workers less likely to perform to the highest standards.

At UK Blinds Direct, we offer blinds in a huge range of colours, patterns and designs.

Even small enhancements in productivity can create a large improvement in your business. At UK Blinds Direct, we offer a huge range of blinds styles, designs and fabrics, all customisable to your specific commercial requirements. For more information about how to get the most out of blinds for your business, give our expert team a call today.