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How to Brighten up Your Dark Room

30th November 2016

A happy home is one that is comfortable, warm and bright. Sometimes, though, making your room feel as bright as it has the potential to be can be easier said than done. This may be because it sits on the wrong side of the house or that you have poor lighting installed. Whatever the reasons, you’ll want to make your darkened room brighter to make your home feel homelier. In this month’s article, we’ll be showing just how you can go about brightening up your dimly lit room.

Invest in Mirrors

Buying mirrors and placing them around the room – one large mirror or two smaller ones ought to do it – will reflect what little light there is and bounce it around the room. The room will immediately feel brighter.

Utilise Freestanding Upright Lamps

Upright lamps direct light straight at your ceiling to brighten up your room quickly and with minimal effort. As your ceiling is more than likely a lighter colour – probably white – it will reflect the light from your lamp back into the room. In addition, these lamp styles look outstandingly stylish too.

Minimise Clutter

Any mess in your room that is unnecessarily left there can have a detrimental effect on the brightness of your darkened room. This is particularly the case if the clutter is dark in colour, as these items absorb light rather than reflect it back into the room. Clear up your clutter, moving some of it into the loft or at the very least storing it all in aesthetically pleasing boxes.

Use Lighter Colours

Light colours have the power to effortlessly brighten up homes. Whether you paint the room in lighter shades or you choose to bring brighter furniture in is up to you. Either option has the potential to transform the look and feel of your dimly lit room for the better.

Install Perfect Fit Blinds

Cumbersome draping curtains and the wrong style of blind for your requirements can have a negative impact on the brightness of your room. Instead, why not consider perfect fit blinds? These blinds sit perfectly in your window recess and give you full control of lighting and privacy in your room. What’s more, perfect fit blinds can come in styles with thinner materials that let the brightness of the outside slip into the room even while closed. But if you’re going to use perfect fit blinds, you’ll need to ensure you’re using blinds of exceptional quality. That’s where UK Blinds Direct can help.

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