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How To Clean Wooden Blinds

4th October 2022

Wooden blinds are an elegant option of window covering which can add warmth and a homely, rustic tone to a room. However, to maintain the beauty of your wooden blinds, it is important to keep them clean and dust free. Although slatted blinds can gather dust more easily than other styles, regular cleaning and deterring dust need not be a difficult task. In this article, we will give sound advice for cleaning your wooden blinds.

The light cleanMade To Measure Wooden Blinds in Rotherham

If you clean at regular intervals, this is all that should be necessary to keep your blinds looking fresh. In this instance, you should close the blinds to create a flat surface – this will allow a smooth, quicker clean. Using a feather or microfiber duster, simply brush down the blinds to lift any dust. Ensure you don’t use other, harsher materials as they have the potential to scratch or mark the wood. In addition, the downward motion is important so as not to accidentally dislodge any slats. If you repeat this regularly, a light clean should be all that’s needed to maintain your blinds.  

The deep clean

Maybe you feel that you’ve neglected your blinds a little and they deserve, and need, a bit more attention than a once over with a feather duster. In this case, you have a couple of options to restore your blinds to their former glory.

Vacuum cleaning: if you have a vacuum with low suction and a soft brush attachment, this can be used for a more thorough clean of your blinds. Whilst the blinds are open, run the brush over each slat, supporting each one with your hand whilst cleaning. Be extra careful not to pull on any slats as this can be damaging; if it’s hard to reach the top of the blind, use a step ladder.  

One at a time: to ensure a deeper clean than feather dusting, take the time and care to attend to slats one by one. Using a soft, clean and dry cloth or paper towel, wipe every slat on both sides to remove dust and dirt. Another easy alternative cleaning method is to put your hands in some clean cotton gloves or socks and use these as the cleaning material. This method can also help reach tricky spots, such as the area around the vertical cords which string together the slats.

Top tip: rubbing a fabric softener sheet over the slats can help reduce the static electricity, which attracts dust to your blinds in the first place. This can prevent you from having dust build up so quickly and, therefore, can reduce the amount you have to clean your blinds.

Made To Measure Wooden Blinds in RotherhamThe targeted clean

Sometimes, you will notice there’s a particular mark or stain on your blinds which requires specific attention. Try to remove the mark by rubbing it with a clean, dry cloth. If this doesn’t do the trick, carefully rub the mark with a slightly damp cloth until the stain has gone. It is important you do take care here, as being too rough can damage the varnish/finish of your wooden blinds.

Top tip: don’t get your wooden blinds too wet when cleaning. Wood is an absorbent material and exposure to too much water can cause it to warp. A lightly damp cloth should be sufficient for cleaning your blinds.

The finishing touches

If you want to go the extra mile when maintaining your blinds, you could apply a little furniture polish to the wood. This will help to rejuvenate and get back that ‘brand new’ look.  


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