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How to clean your blinds

9th September 2022

With so much cleaning required to keep your home looking its best, your blinds can easily become overlooked. However, they can easily gain a thick layer of dust over time, not to mention a whole manner of marks and stains. Read on to find out how to clean your blinds effectively.

The importance of blind cleaning

Many people clean their windows regularly, yet often fail to clean the shades that cover them. However, it’s important to remember that they need TLC too. Whilst blinds are great at blocking out light and enhancing your privacy, they can collect large amounts of collect dust and dirt over time. This can build up over weeks and months, causing the blinds to look unsightly and might even trigger allergies in some people. Regular cleaning of your blinds can improve the air quality in a room, contributing to a healthier environment 

Steps for cleaning your blindsA Guide to Cleaning Your Blinds

The main reason why so many people neglect their blinds is that they simply don’t know how to clean them. Fortunately, the task isn’t that complicated, with many types of blinds requiring relatively minimal maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. 

Even though taking your blinds down allows you to clean them more thoroughly, you don’t need to. It’s possible to clean them whilst they are still hanging. You can do this either by dusting them with a microfibre cloth, duster or glove or by vacuuming them with a dusting brush attachment. The quickest and easiest way to clean them is with a canister vacuum, upright vacuum with attachments or handheld vacuum that you already have at home. Keep reading to learn how to clean your blinds. 

Gather your cleaning materials

The first step when cleaning your blinds is to gather up your cleaning supplies. These should include a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, microfibre cloth, washing up liquid, warm water and baking soda. 

Dust or hoover your blinds

You should then close the blinds. Whilst wood and faux wood blinds should be fully closed, vinyl and aluminium louvres should ideally be tilted downwards, without being completely closed. Now it’s time to dust them. For vertical blinds, it’s a good idea to hold the bottom of them in one hand in order to stabilise them. Wipe them with a microfibre cloth, beginning at the top and then working your way down. If you prefer, you can use a vacuum cleaner that has a dusting brush attachment. We recommend using a low-suction setting when removing the dust. For horizontal blinds, simply wipe from side to side.

Use a damp cloth on soiled blinds

If your blinds are heavily soiled, you may need to use a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. Dusting may not be enough to get them as clean as you want. Take a microfibre cloth and run it under warm water to make it damp. If your blinds are made from wood, make sure you don’t get them too wet. 

Venetian Blinds in RotherhamConsider a deep clean 

Sometimes, a deep clean will be required if your blinds have particularly dirty. This is often the case if they’re installed in the kitchen where they’re regularly exposed to grease and other residues. To deep clean them, take them off the window and then place them in a bath of warm water. Add washing up liquid and a cup of baking soda. Baking soda is extremely effective at fighting stains. Allow the blinds to soak for an hour so before rinsing them with warm water.

Keep in mind that if your blinds have a yellow tinge or simply look dingy, it’s likely that they’ve been stained by the sun. If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to hear that this can be fixed. Place them into cold water along with a few cups of bleach. After letting them soak for around 10 minutes, rinse and dry them.  

How often should I clean my blinds?

Many people only remember to clean their blinds once a thick layer of dust becomes visible. However, by cleaning them more regularly, you can ensure that the dust never gets that bad. Once a month should be adequate, with deep cleans carried out if they get particularly dirty or grimy. Before cleaning your blinds, it’s a good idea to check the blind manufacturer’s website for instructions and precautions. This can help you avoid using any cleaning methods that may cause damage to the blinds.

Which blinds are easiest to clean? 

No one wants to spend hours on end cleaning their blinds. Fortunately, there are several styles of blinds that are not just stylish and durable but very easy to clean too. If you’re looking for low-maintenance blinds in Sheffield, look no further than UKBlinds Direct. We offer blinds in various styles, ranging from vertical and roller blinds to honeycomb and cellular shades. 

Vertical blinds are particularly easy to clean due to having long slats that run up and down rather than horizontal slats. Vertical slats collect less dust and dirt than horizontal slats since the dust falls to the floor instead. These blinds come in both fabric and PVC styles. PVC is by far the most low-maintenance material as it can simply be dusted every few weeks rather than vacuumed or washed. 

Roller blinds are also very easy to maintain. Coming in a wide range of materials, with the most popular being PVC, vinyl and polyester, they require minimal care and attention to keep them looking their best. To clean most roller blinds, you can simply vacuum them using an upholstery brush attachment every two or three weeks. Alternatively, wipe down the fabric using a damp microfibre cloth. For delicate silk roller blinds, you may have to remove the fabric for them to be dry cleaned. Consider the material your roller blinds are made from and follow the care instructions carefully to achieve the best results. 

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