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4 Ways Blinds Can Improve Workplace Performance

10th July 2017

The effect of lighting and its contribution to the workplace is often underestimated. Many simple environmental factors – including lighting, temperature and ambient noise – have notable effects on an employee’s workplace satisfaction and productivity.

In regards to lighting, blinds are a great choice for achieving optimal control in your workplace. They can provide you with the ability to create the perfect lighting balance, letting in sufficient daylight whilst avoiding harsh glare. In this article, we will look at some of the ways in which blinds can have a positive effect on your workforce’s productivity.

Preventing eye strain

Working in an office can be demanding for your eyes. Eye strain is a common work-related grievance which results from your eyes getting fatigued after prolonged, intense usage. This can cause headaches, general discomfort, blurred vision and more.

The reliance of working at a computer all day in a modern office environment is seen as a big contributing factor to the emergence of eye strain problems. Extended usage is particularly detrimental when combined with poor lighting conditions. Environments which are too bright, too dim or create screen glare all increase the likelihood of eye strain problems. All these factors can, however, be mediated by the clever use of blinds.

Good office lighting can make your surroundings more comfortable to work in. Ideally, there should be a good amount of daylight but no direct light which would cause glare. Venetian or vertical blinds are excellent for achieving this as their rotatable slats allow you great control over the flow of light into your office.  

Better temperature control

Particularly in summer, offices are renowned for getting overheated. Employees that sit next to a window can often find the area gets excessively hot as the sun streams through, creating a greenhouse effect. A hot and bothered worker will not perform at their best.

Blinds can go some way to control this heat absorption. The mere presence of blinds can reduce the flow of heat into your office and specific kinds – such as pleated blinds – have beneficial insulating properties which can help prevent heat gain/loss. Furthermore, special reflecting materials can be used for some blinds to further reduce heat gain.

Save energy

The heat from streaming sunlight through uncovered windows can be a cause of inflated energy costs, as well as being uncomfortable for employees. Most modern offices have an air conditioning system in place to keep temperatures comfortable but, without suitable blinds, this may be working harder than necessary. With high-quality blinds in place – potentially in a special reflective fabric – you can reduce the heat build up in your office. This will reduce the amount your air conditioner has to work and your subsequent energy bills.

Decoration and branding

Blinds can improve the aesthetics of an office environment, as well as having several practical benefits. High quality, well-fitted window coverings will contribute to creating a polished and professional workplace. What’s more, with the vast choice of designs and colours that are possible, you could even opt for blinds in your company’s colours to enhance branding.

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