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How to Maintain and Clean Venetian Blinds

19th February 2016

Venetian blinds make a stunning window covering that’s suitable for any home decor, but months of humidity, condensation and dust-collecting can make Venetian blinds look rather unsightly from time to time. Cleaning Venetian blinds can be a simple task if you know the right way to go about it, but the key to keeping them clean requires regular maintenance. The team here at UK Blinds Direct have put together this guide on how to maintain and clean Venetian blinds so that your windows can continue to look neat and attractive for many years to come.

Light Cleaning

If your blinds need a quick spruce up then use this method to have them looking good in no time. We’d recommend only using this method for Venetian blinds as a deep clean could damage the mechanisms of the blind.

Fully close the blinds and check the slats for any stains or sticky patches that will require a bit more elbow grease to clean. Use a diluted detergent to spray these areas and wipe dry with paper towels or a tea towel, ensuring to remove as much moisture as possible.

Use a cotton glove, clothes dryer sheet or, in a pinch, paper towels, to gently go over each slat, working from the center outwards on both sides to trap dust. If your blinds are wooden, it is best to do this with a dry glove to keep as much moisture possible out of the material, but for non-wooden blinds, dampening the glove will help trap dust easier.

Top tip: regularly dust off your gloves or dryer sheet, or change your kitchen towel to prevent creating build-up lower down the blind.
Open the blinds and repeat the process on the undersides of the slats.

Alternatively, you can use the brush attachment on your vacuum to carefully hoover each slat.

Deep Cleaning

There is conflicting advice on the internet about whether or not you should deep clean your Venetian blinds in a bathtub, but the team here at UK Blinds Direct advise against such practice as the excessive moisture causes wooden blinds to warp and rusts the metal mechanisms or the headrail and bottom rail of aluminium blinds, making the blinds completely unusable.


To keep your blind from becoming grimey, wipe down the blinds with a dry cloth once a week, and wipe up any spills or marks as soon as you notice them.

If your blind has seen better days and no amount of scrubbing will get it clean again, it might be time to purchase a new window covering. UK Blinds Direct stock a wide range of blinds in a variety of styles, including a selection of top quality Venetian blinds. Tailor measured to your specification and available in varying slat sizes and materials, your blind can be made to perfectly fit your home decor. All of our products are durable and long lasting, made with care and installed with precision.

For more information on our range of Venetian blinds, or any of the other styles we carry, contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.