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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

22nd December 2016

How to Make Your Home Warm

One of the biggest concerns people have during the winter months is how to keep their homes warm as the mercury plummets. While you could splash out large amounts of money on the heating, there are other, more ingenious methods to keep your home warm that you should consider. Here, we’ll be detailing just a few.

Close Doors to Rooms That Aren’t in Use

If you aren’t using a room, remember to keep its door shut. Your home will lose more heat if the warmer air is allowed to travel freely between rooms. What’s more, your rooms will heat up quicker with the doors shut.

Seal Up Any Draughts

Before winter hits in earnest, you should comb over your home looking for any gaps in window seals or insulation that may allow draughts to penetrate your home. Then you can either have a professional contractor come and fill them, or you could try to rectify the issue yourself. Either way, you’ll reduce heat loss this winter!

Have Your Boiler Serviced

For most people, the boiler is the primary heating method. Consequently, if it has problems, you’re soon going to have problems heating your home as well. That’s why it pays to have your boiler serviced before winter hits to ensure there no underlying issues that could cause havoc once the boiler’s used more frequently.

Don’t Cover or Enclose Your Radiators

To get the most out of your central heating, it’s essential that you don’t cover your radiators or enclose them in with your furniture. If you do, the heat generated by your radiators will be trapped and won’t spread evenly around the room – your furniture and coverings will absorb the heat instead. Give your radiators the space they need to do their job properly!

Blinds and Curtains as Insulation

Even if you have double glazing, your windows are still a chink in the insulatory armour of your home. Your windows will likely lose the most heat out of your home this winter, but it doesn’t need to be that way. With blackout blinds and thick curtains, you can give your windows the insulative edge they need to stop heat loss in its tracks. Fortunately, UK Blinds Direct are here to help with the provision of exquisite made-to-measure blackout blinds.

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