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How to Match Blinds and Curtains Perfectly

11th May 2016

While either curtains or blinds on their own can provide an eye-catching and appealing decorative feature to your room, combining the two offers more potential you would otherwise be missing out on in your home. However, there are a number of things you need to be careful of when thinking about pairing your curtains with your blinds lest you scupper your chances of creating the perfect room.


What to choose first?

It is highly recommended that you choose your blinds first and your curtains after to complement your choice, as you will likely have more options to choose from with regards to your choice of curtains than you will with your blinds.

Most people tend to go for a solid block of colour for their blinds, as this provides a focused basis upon which they can explore the possible curtain design options open to them. Designs that both complement and contrast are ideal, so bear this in mind when embarking on your decorative adventures.

One option open to you that offers an excellent foundation upon which to style your window treatments is that of the vision blind. An innovative design that puts a modern twist to the traditional roller blind, the vision blind combines two layers of fabric, one more translucent than the other, to provide an alternative to lighting control in your room. For those looking to inject a modern feel in their home, they could do worse than choosing vision blinds.


Don’t Push It

The thought of piling patterned curtains on patterned blinds to some may feel like the way to go, but more often than not the result tends to be garish and almost certainly fails to complement the rest of your room, merely overwhelming any that enter it, especially wherever a smaller room is concerned.

Subtle designs make it easier for guests to appreciate your taste and promotes more readily a warmer, sophisticated, and comfortable environment.

Likewise, consistency of colour across your blinds, curtains, and curtain poles ensures your window treatments work together to give a cohesive impression, as if the separate parts were one unit. Remember to note the ideal partnering of curtain rod, as if it is visible when up you will need to ensure its colouring doesn’t clash with the rest of your window dressings.


Complement the Rest of Your Room

Blinds work well in conjunction with curtains as your means of controlling the lighting of your room. Curtains work best in accentuating the features of your room already present, like the furniture. As a result, partnering your curtains with the perfect blinds can combine the useful functionality of blinds with the decorative flair offered by curtains.

However, just because you’ve found the combination to die for in one room, doesn’t mean you can repeat this style throughout the house. We understand that finding the dynamic duo can be hard work, but repeating the style in every room can on the one hand be very boring, and on the other not fit with the wall colour, size or furniture of your other rooms. Take the time to find the right designs to complement each room in your house, and you’ll be glad you did.


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