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How to Prevent Light Gaps from Blinds

28th September 2018

UK Blinds direct - preventing light gaps

Blinds come in a huge range of different styles, all possessing various features. One characteristic you’d expect from any blind, however, is the ability to control the amount of light filtering into the room. A blind is, after all, primarily for shielding yourself from the sun. Unfortunately, some blinds purchasers receive their blinds only to find that some unwanted light ‘leaks’ through at the sides. UK Blinds Direct have written this article to offer tips for how to avoid light gaps from your blinds.

Why does light leakage occur?

Light leakage primarily occurs at the edges of the blind. The reason for this is that there are narrow gaps at the sides of the window that the blinds don’t cover. Since this creates gaps, light manages to filter through. The fundamental problem is most cases is that the blinds are not the correct size. Correctly sized blinds should cover the entire window precisely. It should be noted, however, that some blinds styles, such as vertical blinds, will likely bleed light despite being properly fitted. This is simply a result of its design. If light leakage is something you’re desperate to avoid, ensure you choose a blinds style that doesn’t allow gaps by design.

A second reason for too much light entering a room is that the fabric you have chosen, or received, is too thin, and doesn’t block out as much light as you had hoped.

Both these issues can be avoided with the right research and knowledge. Take a look at some of the following solutions to ensure you stop any light leakage in future.

Precise measurements

The most simple solution to ensuring the blinds you purchase are going to sufficiently cover your window is to obtain pinpoint accurate measurements. Here at UK Blinds Direct, we understand that this can be easier said than done, that’s why we offer free home visits and measurements from expert blinds technicians. Take the stress off your shoulders and let the experts measure your windows to their exact specifications. They’ll then take those measurements and use them to craft blinds that are personally tailored to you. By taking advantage of this service, you can be assured that you receive blinds that fit with pinpoint accuracy, meaning no light leakage or gaps.

Blackout blinds

If you find that your blinds are emitting more light than you want, the fabric may be too thin. At UK Blinds Direct we offer a huge variety of fabrics and linings to customise your blinds with. A popular choice are ‘blackout blinds’. ‘Blackout’ is a special type of fabric made of flame polyester fibre. It is aptly named as such because it blocks 100% of the light from passing through. If you are struggling to sleep due to the light that is passing through your blinds, we strongly recommend purchasing blackout blinds as a solution.

Outside mount installation

A third solution, albeit perhaps not an aesthetic one for many, is to fit your blinds outside of the recess as opposed to inside. This provides more space for your blinds, allowing you to ‘size up’ and fit your blinds beyond the size of the window. At UK Blinds Direct, however, we believe there’s never any reason not to enjoy blinds that fit perfectly within the recess. Our perfect-fit blinds always do just that, and are installed professionally by our team of blinds experts.

Light blockers

If you’ve turned to this article because you’ve already purchased and set up your blinds, do not fear! There are ways you can hide those pesky gaps. Placing curtains or light blockers to the sides of the windows will cover those extra side gaps without losing much of the aesthetic. In future, however, take advantage of the free advice, recommendations and services of professional blinds technicians to get the right fit every time.

At UK Blinds Direct, we supply blinds in a huge range of colours and styles, including our popular blackout blinds that prevent any light from entering the room. We offer free advice, home visits and measurements to ensure your final product meets (or surpasses!) your expectations.