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Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient With Window Blinds

24th July 2015

Having an energy efficient home is one of the simplest ways to cut back on unnecessary spending, and many of us already have procedures in place to make our home more energy efficient. Yet, most of us are still ignoring one of the biggest energy drains in our homes; our windows. Effective insulation can help keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer, saving you money no matter what the season is.

Keeping your home cool in summer

Air conditioning can be a blessing during hot and sticky summers, but can lead to a colossal bill at the end of the month. If you’re looking for a more energy efficient and cost-effective way to keep you home cool this summer, you need to consider how effective your blinds are at blocking the light from shining through your windows. When light hits glass it is magnified, causing the room to heat up. By keeping your room dark in summer, you’re keeping it cool. Choose blinds that can be fully closed and are made of a thicker material, such as vertical blinds or roller blinds.

Keeping your home warm in winter

Aluminum or heavy fabric blinds provide a lot of insulation and can help keep your rooms warmer in winter, but wooden blinds have always been the most popular option to help keep your home warm. The benefits of wooden blinds over aluminium blinds comes down to aesthetic appeal. Wooden blinds are available in a range of neutral shades and can be trimmed to any window size with ease to ensure a good fit that looks neat and tidy.

Using your blinds effectively

Air circulation is a key factor in maintaining the temperature of your home. In winter months, open your windows and blinds in the afternoon and early evening to let moisture out of the room as moisture can make an already cold room feel colder. In mornings and early afternoon, keep the windows closed but fully open the blinds to any window that receives direct sunlight in order to naturally warm the room. To cool off during summer months, open windows and blinds at night and early in the morning to allow cool, fresh air into the room.

Perfect fit

No matter whether you’re aiming to heat up or cool down your room, perfect fit blinds are a must. Expertly fitted blinds ensure that no gaps in the window are compromising your energy efficiency, saving you more money. Furthermore, investing in high quality and durable fabrics mean you’ll be replacing your blinds less often, saving you money in the long run.

If you’re looking to cool down this summer, UK Blinds Direct can help. We’re experts at providing a perfect fit to any window and have a whole range of blinds to provide the shading you need to keep your home cool. For more information, get in touch with one of our experts for a friendly and personalised consultation.