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Maintaining Your Privacy with Blinds

11th April 2017

Style doesn’t have to suffer with practicality.
Many homes don’t have the luxury of windows looking onto private land with attractive scenery, in which case the option of screening your windows for privacy is a must.
Blinds are a fantastic option to achieve this goal, however, a lot of individuals believe that installing blinds means sacrificing style or the flow of light into your room. This article is here to debunk this view and to demonstrate how different forms of blinds can be great, privacy enhancing additions to a room.

Venetian and wooden blinds

Venetian and wooden blinds are a classic option for creating privacy in a room whilst still enabling light admission.
The horizontal slats can be rotated to prevent a direct line of sight into your home, without blocking out light. This is also a good option for controlling the amount of light entering a room, for example, if there is bright sunshine and you want to maintain a light room without getting glare or harsh light, a mere rotation of the blind slats can achieve this. Alternatively, you can still draw back the blinds completely for optimum light entry. In the evenings, slats can be closed to keep out peering eyes, with the attractive wooden blinds, or aluminum Venetians, being the most effective at reducing light escaping through.

Venetian Blinds Privacy

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds work in a very similar way to Venetian blinds except the rotating slats hang vertically, rather than horizontally.
This allows the same options for controlling light filtration – and the view into your home – with the angle of the slats. The choice between Venetian and vertical blinds is often one of stylistic and personal preference, however, vertical blinds have the additional benefit of collecting less dust and are therefore lower maintenance.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a simplistic blind option which can come in many fabrics and patterns, meaning they are very personalisable.
With the option of blackout fabrics, when lowered, roller blinds can block out all light and offer complete privacy. Alternatively, some thinner fabrics can allow light to seep through to keep a room bright, whilst screening your interiors from the street.

Roller Blinds Privacy

Roman blinds

A stylish option, Roman blinds can add class and privacy to a room.
Offering a similarly wide range of fabric options as roller blinds, Roman blinds can also be layered to create a sumptuous statement which has the practical benefit of blocking out light and visibility into your home. Roman blinds made from sheer fabrics are a fine choice to allow a room to maintain an airy and bright feel whilst still creating privacy.

Vision blinds

Vision blinds are a new, innovative way to control light entering through your windows whilst maintaining a modern and stylish look.
The blinds consist of two layers of overlapping fabric which has alternating sections of translucent and opaque panels. This means that as the blinds are retracted, coverage alternates between completely opaque – ideal for privacy – and a combination of translucent and opaque sections – great for allowing in light but still preventing an obstructed view of your room. This balance between light and privacy is a solution unique to vision blinds.

Vision Blinds Privacy

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