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Protecting Your Conservatory Furniture

18th May 2015

Conservatories are popular thanks to the amount of light they let in, creating a sunny, bright haven within your property. This brightness characterises the conservatory as a space, and is an aspect of these rooms that gives them their purpose.

The extreme levels of light experienced by conservatories can, however, be detrimental to the contents of these rooms, such as their furniture. Whether wooden, wicker or fabric-based, pieces of furniture can be damaged by continual sunlight, with issues including instances of fading and drying. In order to avoid these negative effects, there are various measures which can be taken to protect your furniture:

Move your furniture
Like anything exposed to direct sunlight, the chief way of avoiding the negative effects of continual exposure is to ensure that this direct contact is kept to a minimum. One way of doing this with your furniture is by ensuring you move it around on a regular basis. By changing where your furniture is within your conservatory, you will not be leaving it subject to direct sunlight from a particular angle or direction. Through moving furniture, or simply rotating it, it will not fall victim to the sun’s rays and subsequently fade or dry out.

Turn cushions
Under the same principle as repositioning or rotating furniture, if cushions on chairs and sofas are rotated regularly, the fabric they are made from will not be adversely affected by the sun’s rays. Further to this, it may be wise to buy cushions with pale-coloured covers. This way, any sun exposure that cannot be avoided will not dramatically change the colour, quality and look of the cushions; rather, going unnoticed instead.

Install window and roof blinds
Perhaps the most practical option to protect your conservatory furniture is to install a set of window and/or roof blinds in your conservatory. By doing so, you will essentially be able to block out light within the space when the days get particularly light and bright. Conservatories are, however, a space that most households will want to be filled with light and warmth, so choosing a blind that completely blocks out light at all points throughout the day is not necessarily a favourable option. Instead, to benefit from light-blocking properties at certain points when it is most required, but allow light to keep streaming in at others, an effective choice would be a venetian blind with wooden or metal slats.

Here at UK Blinds Direct, we recognise what a positive addition to a house a conservatory can be, and are experts in providing the right blind to suit your requirements and keep your conservatory’s furniture protected from excessive light. For more information on any of our products, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today – we’re happy to help, whatever the enquiry.