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Stay on Trend this Summer with Florals

22nd July 2016

Summer is back in full force once more, and if you’re looking to revamp your home sometime soon you wouldn’t go far wrong capitalising on the aesthetics of the blooming natural world outside and bringing that look into your home. One increasingly popular trend that could help to achieve this effect is that of roller blinds with floral designs.

Digital Printing

Advances in digital printing have meant that in modern blinds we can create ever more intricate and complex design patterns that would have been nigh on impossible – or at least extremely expensive – in the past. Consequently, no matter what look or pattern you’re hoping to achieve, you can rest assured that the right blind for you, with the highest quality pattern possible upon it, is readily available.


For those looking for a vibrant kitchen that reflects the hot summer months, a floral pattern on your blinds is almost a necessity. While your garden is in full bloom, the floral design will help to bring this feeling into your home too, making the transition from outside to inside less jarring.

Additionally, if you opt for floral patterns in your home you will be actively taking the bright, colourful, and youthful aesthetic with you into the dead of winter, a time where, with the temperatures low and the days shorter, the lack of colour and life can bring you down.


For anyone keeping up with all the latest trends in the fashion world, florals are in this summer. Floral patterns have been gracing the catwalks and the high street for a number of months now, with playsuits and dresses in particular popularity. The resurrection of the Hawaiian shirt as well among hipsters may have contributed to this resurgence of the floral design.

The rise of florals again in the fashion world easily transposes into how you can decorate your home, with there being a plethora of floral wallpaper, curtain and blind designs out there for you to choose from. Seize the current trend and opt for a roller blind with a floral pattern to bring your kitchen to life.

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