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Summer Holidays: Make Sure Your Blinds Are Child Safe

5th August 2015

Child safety is considered in most aspects of the home, but even the most attentive parent can easily overlook the blinds. The cords on blinds are a potential strangulation risk to young infants. With the summer holidays just starting, your little ones are going to be around the house more than usual, which makes now more than ever the best time to make sure your blinds are child safe.

What are child safe blinds?

The British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) launched the Make it Safe campaign which sought standards for internal window blinds to ensure the safeguarding of children. From 2014 any trader manufacturing, selling, or installing blinds have to ensure that their blinds had a safety design in them so that any cables or cords required to operate the blind were not a strangulation risk to children.

How can I ensure my blinds are safe?

There are three different ways for your blinds to be safe:

Safe by design: A blind that is cordless or wand operated and works on tension to push or pull the blinds into position.

In-built safety systems: Some blinds require a cord to fully function. In this case, a chain-break connector means that the cord will separate under pressure. If a child did become trapped in the cord, the chain would break apart and free the child.

Separate safety systems: If you want to make your current blind safe you can be supplied with a separate safety system, like a cleat, to wrap the cord around ensuring that the tension is tight and the cord is completely out of reach of little fingers. This would also require you to evaluate your furniture positioning – can your mischievous little one climb high enough to reach the cord?

Do I have to have child safe blinds installed?

Yes. Even if you don’t have children and are unlikely to have children in your home, you must still comply with the law on this matter. All homes must have child safe blinds. If you order blinds to be fitted to your home and refuse to have the required safety measures installed then your order will be cancelled.

I don’t like the look of the safety systems. What are my options for safe by design blinds?

If you really don’t like the look of cord cleats or ties and breakaway chains, don’t worry, you can still find the perfect blind for you. You can get perfect fit roller blinds, pleated blinds, or skylights without having to alter their design. You can also look at wand controlled panel blinds and vertical blinds as well as tension controlled roller blinds. Safety doesn’t have to compromise style!

If you need any more information about child safe blinds and the BBSA Make it Safe campaign, one of experts at UK Blinds Direct will be happy to help. Contact us here.