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What Are Your Blinds Really Saying? The Importance of Colour

26th September 2016

The types of blinds that you have in your room can convey a whole host of moods and impressions that most people may not even give a second thought about. However, familiarity with the feelings certain colours and styles can invoke is pivotal to choosing the right blinds for your room, blending with and complementing its aesthetic instead of jarring with it and not sending the message you want.

Over the years here at UK Blinds Direct, we have honed the skill of finding the right coloured blinds for our customers, and in this month’s article we’ll be giving you an inside glimpse as to all the things we consider when we’re trying to find the ideal blind design for you.


Yellows are a associated with brightness and happiness, it being the colour we most readily associate with the sun and the good times of summer, the plentiful season. This may hearken back to our evolutionary past or it may have become embedded in our cultural consciousness, but we may never know for sure. What we do know though is that yellows aren’t appropriate for bedrooms and work better in vibrant kitchens!


To complement any white or beige colours throughout a room, brown is the perfect colour for your blinds. Brown works to instil a sense of safety and security that will put all of a room’s occupants at ease, creating a comforting environment and working as a great base from which to add other natural colours and elements, too.


Blue is an interesting colour. It has two seemingly polar moods that it imparts on viewers. The first is its calming effect, like the feeling you get when you see blue skies or a warm, blue ocean. The opposing mood stems from the whole idea about feeling ‘blue’. You can either feel full of calm or full of sorrow when you see blue, so its use should be considered carefully. It may work brilliantly in an office, but you could also implement lighter blues in a bathroom to get that oceanic feel.


The colour of passion, red can either be a colour to imbue anger or love, and as such its use must be undertaken with great care. We recommend avoiding installing red blinds in bedrooms, but we heavily recommend employing them in dining rooms; here the increased heart rate that the colour red invokes in us can stir up appetites. It would also make an excellent backdrop for dinner dates!


Green is the colour of peace. It brings together the passion of red and the tranquility of blue to create a harmonious colour that is difficult to pull off right. Living rooms in particular can benefit from the subtle use of a green blind, but it is easy to overdo it, instead putting occupants off and making them uncomfortable. It is best, therefore, to opt for blinds that implement greens but do not rely solely on them in block colours.

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