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The Best Blinds for Bi-Folding Doors

20th August 2019

Blinds are a highly popular window dressing solution. But have you ever thought about having them installed on your bi-folding doors? Vertical blinds may seem like the ideal choice, but in reality, bi-folding doors need space to open out without tangling or damaging the blinds in the process. It’s also important that you’re able to enter and exit your home, via the bi-folding doors, safely.

In this article, we’ll be recommending blinds that will flawlessly fit your bi-folding doors, providing ultimate convenience and safety for you and your family, all year round.

Perfect fit blinds

Which Perfect Fit blinds are most suited to bi-folding doors?

Nowadays, there are many different blind styles to choose from which are highly compatible with bi-folding doors. Expertly installed with skill and precision, Perfect Fit blinds don’t require holes to be drilled in order to be fitted. Instead, they’re installed using a specific fixture, securing your blinds in place without damaging the door, its frame or any adjoining walls. These blinds are fitted seamlessly to each frame, offering practicality and flexibility, allowing your bi-folding doors to retain their functionality.

Here are a couple of Perfect Fit styles that you can choose from:

Venetian Blinds – a simple, yet classic style, Venetian blinds are perfect for offering homeowners exceptional light and privacy control, as you’ll have full control over the direction of the slats. Available in a variety of slat widths, colours and materials, including aluminium and wood, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dressing your bi-folding doors. 

Pleated Blinds – offering a modern twist to the traditional blind, these are incredibly easy to operate, neatly folding back to allow the natural light to stream in. Alternatively, they can be lowered to control the amount of light the room receives, whilst also offering completely privacy when needed. Our pleated blinds are made-to-measure and available in a variety of different colours and patterns. 


Which blinds are best for bi-folding door recesses?

Where Perfect Fit blinds can be fitted to the door itself, there are many styles which can be fitted to the doors’ recess, meaning you can choose the best installation process for you. As well as Venetian and pleated blinds, here are a few more which can be skillfully fitted to the doors’ recess.

Roman Blinds – Roman blinds are an ideal choice for those battling between blinds and curtains. Their thick fabric and added texture makes them a brilliant alternative to traditional curtains, offering a cosy yet contemporary feel to your bi-folding doors.

Roller Blinds – these blinds are incredibly simple and understated, making them perfect for homeowners who prefer a more minimalist home design. Their smooth operation and optimum versatility allows your doors to remain highly functional, whether the blinds are fully raised or completely lowered. Available in a range of colours, fabrics and designs, we’ll be able to provide you with quality roller blinds for your bi-folding doors.

Automated/Motorised Blinds – if you’d prefer to rid your blinds of unwanted cords and strings, then opt for a set of motorised blinds. You’ll be able to lower and raise your blinds with the touch of a button, as opposed to several pulls on a cord. There’s no risk of the cords snapping or mechanisms breaking in the process, either. Instead, they’re flawlessly fitted with expert precision, allowing for a smooth and convenient operation. You’ll be able to raise and lower your blinds from the comfort of your sofa, and rest assured that these blinds are entirely pet and child safe. 


How to match your blinds to your home interior

In order to perfectly match your blinds to your home interior, there are a few simple steps you must take, such as:



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