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The Best Blinds for Your Home Office

15th April 2016

Your home office is the place where you make a living, pay the bills or balance the cheque books, so it is imperative that you make this room as functional as possible. Blinds will help protect your screen from glare, temperature changes, and you from being distracted, allowing for the utmost concentration while you carry out your tasks. With this is mind, UK Blinds Direct present our picks of the best blinds for your home office.

Vision blinds

The vision blind is a fantastic choice for home office use as it allows for high levels of control over the lighting and privacy your room will receive. The blind works through two layers of fabric, with one being more translucent than the other. The translucent layer will still allow plenty of light into the room while still lending some privacy to your room, and the more opaque layer can be brought into use for even further light control and privacy. Not only do these blinds offer the perfect functionality, they are also a very attractive feature, with the large slats making a bold impact on the room.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a sleek, simple blind that offer high levels of privacy and insulation, helping to keep your home office warm and comfortable. Roller blinds can be raised or lowered to provide the right amounts of light control and privacy, and there are many materials you can choose from to provide the right environment for your room – you can opt for lighter materials so you can fully extend the blind for privacy without compromising on lighting, or you can opt for a thicker, more opaque material if you prefer a more dimmed environment.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are an office favourite, world round. Their simple design, optimum functionality and ease of use make them a fantastic all-rounder for home office use. The vertical slats can be tilted and adjusted to allow for varying lighting requirements, without compromising on your privacy, and the simple cord design makes them easy to use.

Style tips

Once you’ve selected the right blind design for your home office, you’ll need to choose the right style. We’ve put together a few simple style tips to put together a professional and neat aesthetic:

UK Blinds Direct have a range of beautiful and versatile made-to-measure blinds in an array of colours and designs. All of our blinds are constructed by the finest designers who use high quality materials to ensure a long lasting and durable blind. With our free home visits and fitting service and our affordable products, we can guarantee a cost-effective purchase. Get in contact today for more information, we’ll be happy to help with any enquiries you may have.