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The Difference Between Roller and Roman Blinds

11th March 2020

Roller and Roman blinds are both extremely popular choices when it comes to window dressing solutions. Where they have many similarities, there are a fair few differences to consider before making the ultimate decision about whether to cover your windows with contemporary roller blinds or classic Roman blinds.

The Difference Between Roller and Roman Blinds

Advantages of roller blinds

Roller blinds are an extremely popular choice, often being the most preferred option. With a window covering significantly impacting the look and feel of a room, it’s important that you’re choosing the right style of blind in a colour to suit your home. With many attractive qualities, it’s no surprise that roller blinds have increased in popularity.

How do roller blinds differ from Roman blinds?

Roller blinds are more affordable than Roman blinds, being relatively budget-friendly. The fabric also differs, as it’s often considerably thinner than the material used to manufacture Roman blinds. This can mean that, although sunlight can be kept out (reducing the temperature of a room), roller blinds may not be able to retain heat or prevent draughts as effectively as Roman blinds.

Roman Blinds in Living Room

Advantages of Roman blinds

Roman blinds are often the most preferred choice for a lounge or bedroom. With cosy qualities and thick fabrics available, they have the ability to keep a room toasty when the temperature drops. Available in a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns, Roman blinds are proving to be just as popular as the conventional roller blind.

How do Roman blinds differ from roller blinds?

Roman blinds are made from thick, durable fabric, making them slightly more hard-wearing than roller blinds. Also, if you’re looking to reduce the cost of your energy bills, then Roman blinds would be the better option due to the material used to manufacture them.


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