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5 Interior Design Styles and How to Match Your Blinds

17th May 2017

Top Tips For Adding Style With Blinds

Styling your home is an exciting time which gives you an opportunity for unrestrained self-expression. While furnishings may be your first thought for creating style in your home, the impact of window dressings on a room should not be overlooked.

There is a huge range of styles and fabrics that blinds can come in, meaning that whatever the look you’re aiming to create, there is sure to be a blind for you! To give you some inspiration and help you consider all available options, we’ve put together some popular interior style ideas and which blinds we think complement these trends.


The Scandinavian style has recently become increasingly popular and is typified by minimalism, clean lines, and light colours. Due to the generally pale and monochromatic colour schemes, interest is often added into rooms using a variety of textures and solid, well-made furnishings. The addition of natural materials, such as wood, linen, woven fabrics and stone, stops this style from becoming at all clinical.

Blinds: Perfect fit blinds would blend beautifully into a Scandi style room, enhancing the clean-cut functionality of the space. Alternatively, to incorporate natural textures into your room, wooden Venetians are an attractive option.


Bohemian interiors are full of colour, texture, and prints. This style can work in any room of the house but is used to greatest effect in bedrooms and living rooms. This wide-ranging style incorporates bold, ethnic prints from around the world, which can be used liberally or as feature pieces. The colour palette of choice involves vibrant, warm, jewelled colours and metallics. Natural fabrics, rich materials, textures, and greenery are all combined to create an attractively thrown-together look.

Blinds: Roman blinds in rich fabrics and bold colours would look fabulous with the bohemian style. The draping style and range of fabric choices of Romans make them ideal. Roller blinds in a bold, ethnic print would also be a great feature in a bohemian room.


The industrial style is currently very popular and takes inspiration from the industrial era. This is often quite a rugged look, with a colour scheme involving lots of browns, greys, monochrome and metallics; textures and materials such as brick, metal, and wood are used to create interest. Industrial style rooms can vary a lot in the finish – some will be quite minimal, with the focus on sturdy, well-designed pieces, whereas others will introduce elaborate decorative accessories.  

Blinds: Aluminium metal Venetians work superbly in an industrial design room. The metallic material is very in-keeping with this style and is available in a variety of colours, allowing aluminium Venetians to fit into any room.


Rustic style is inspired by country living – think classic farmhouses and log cabins. This style is full of charm, character, and warmth which makes it popular for creating a homely space, whether that is in a country house or a city apartment. Rustic interiors are often typified by warm earthy tones and the use of natural materials, such as liberal wood, worn leather, stone, burlap, and wool. These are often left in an unpolished, raw state to contribute to the bucolic feel.

Blinds: Classic Roman blinds in a natural fabric, like burlap or linen, will look right at home in a rustic interior. Woven wood blinds, or even shutters, can also work well for this style.

Shabby chic

Shabby chic interiors blend together vintage with modern chic, to create a soft, romantic style. Upcycled furnishings are a prominent feature of the shabby chic look, with anything from whitewashed coffee tables to ornamental antique mirrors becoming character-filled highlights in a room. Shabby chic is a light, fresh style where white, ecru and pastel colours are found in abundance. This style is really versatile and, therefore, can be found in any room. Accessories and unique vintage pieces make every space individual.

Blinds: Pleated blinds can effectively add to the romantic, airy feel of a shabby chic room. A pastel coloured pleated blind would be perfect for any room of the house. Alternatively, roller blinds in a vintage print would create a statement.

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