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What are Perfect Fit blinds?

3rd June 2021

Perfect Fit blinds have become increasingly popular in recent years, making their way into homes throughout the UK. At UKBlinds Direct, we supply Perfect Fit blinds in a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns, making sure we can cater to our customer’s specific needs and tastes. Read on to find out more about Perfect Fit blinds and the many benefits they bring.

Perfect Fit blinds – what exactly are they?

Perfect fit blinds in rotherham

You’ve probably heard about this type of blind, but are you really sure what they are? The company Louvolite launched them in 2005, making them relatively new compared with most other blind types. They’re ideal for uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories. What makes them different from other types of blinds is that they clip directly onto the windows, achieving a very neat finish. Installation is quick and simple, with no drilling required. In fact, fitting can often be carried out within just a few minutes. Once the clips are in place, we add a frame to hold the blinds. 

Suitable for most window types

At UKBlinds Direct, we can fit Intu blinds to around 95% of uPVC windows. The depth of the windows must be between 18 and 30mm. We can also fit them into skylights and door frames. This achieves a cohesive look throughout the home. Perfect Fit blinds are ideal for multiple types of window. Still not sure if they are right for your windows? Then talk to our team today. We can come out to your home to inspect your windows and provide you with expert guidance.

Various styles to choose from

When you invest in Perfect Fit blinds in Sheffield or Rotherham, you’ll have many different styles to choose from. Roller, pleated, and Venetian blinds are the most common options. Perfect Fit roller blinds are a good choice for kids bedrooms since they can block out all light and create total darkness, improving sleep quality. Plus, because they come in so many different colours, achieving your desired look is easy. Perfect Fit pleated blinds are another option worth considering. Not only do they give you fantastic light and privacy control, but they’re very versatile, complementing a kitchen just as well as a bedroom. Venetian blinds are also available in Perfect Fit and are another good option for allowing you to control the light that comes into your home.

Are wooden Perfect Fit blinds available?

Many people seek wooden Perfect Fit blinds in Rotherham and Sheffield. We can supply wooden blinds in a Perfect Fit frame in a range of colours to suit your tastes and existing décor. They are chic, elegant, and offer the ideal blend of classic and contemporary style. Whether you’re looking for light wood, dark wood, or painted woods, we can assist. Simply talk to our team and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.

Easy to maintain

Perfect fit blinds in Sheffield

Perfect Fit blinds are as easy to maintain as they are to install. Unlike some other window dressings, they usually only require light cleaning to keep them looking their best. Often, a quick wipe down is all that’s needed to keep them in optimal condition. If deeper cleaning is required, you can simply unclip the blinds from the window. This is ideal for blinds in rooms that attract mess, such as kitchens or children’s bedrooms. Louvolite – the manufacturers – recommend that you clean Perfect Fit Blinds at least once a year.

No damage to your windows

One of the biggest advantages of choosing these blinds is that they won’t cause any damage to your windows. Since they’re held on by clips that slide in between the glass and the rubber gasket, the blinds can be easily unclipped from the window at any time without resulting in any damage. This makes them ideal for rental properties where tenants would like to install blinds but are prohibited from carrying out drilling in order to do so.

Child-friendly blinds

When you buy Perfect Fit or INTU blinds in Rotherham or Sheffield, you can relax in the knowledge that they are child-friendly. Rather than being operated cords, they have handles or tabs which are much safer. With no loose cords or loops for them to get hold of, they’re the ideal blinds for children’s bedrooms. At UKBlinds Direct, we take the safety of our blinds very seriously indeed, following all the latest regulations. Our blinds comply with the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) Make it Safe campaign which aims to protect children from the strangulation risks posed by blind cords.


The cost of them really depends on which style and fabric you opt for. For example, whilst roller blinds are inexpensive, you can expect to pay a little more for Venetian or wood blinds. Although, in general, these blinds are usually a very cost-effective option, particularly as their hardwearing nature means can expect them to last many years before needing to be replaced. What’s more, at UKBlinds Direct, we’re renowned for our competitive prices. Our fantastic value products are installed in homes across the region. By buying directly from us – the manufacturer – you can save money.

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