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What are the different styles of blinds?

4th April 2023

Blinds have long been a popular choice of window covering, providing fantastic light control, warmth and privacy for many homes and offices. They also add plenty of style and elegance to a room as well as being very easy to care for. If you’re wondering “What are the different styles of blinds?”, read on. At UKBlinds Direct, we stock blinds in a huge range of styles, designs and colours, catering to all needs and tastes. 

7 of the most popular blind stylesWhy Choose Vision Blinds for your Home?

If you’ve just started shopping for blinds in Sheffield or Rotherham, you may be surprised at just how many styles there are to choose from. Along with classic styles like roller, Roman and vertical, you’ll also find more modern options such as Perfect Fit and Day and Night blinds. Keep reading to learn what are the different styles of blinds on the market right now.    

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are consistently one of the most popular styles. Not only are they simple, practical and very affordable but they’re also stylish and colourful. They’re ideal for many rooms within the home, ranging from the kitchen and bathroom to kids’ bedrooms. Cleaning them is easy, which means they’re great for rooms which generate a lot of moisture or mess. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is usually sufficient for keeping them clean. Roller blinds are also a good choice for offices due to their ease of maintenance and low cost.

Roman blinds Best Blinds For Grey Interiors

Roman blinds have also remained popular over the years. Simple in their design yet very elegant, they are easy to operate yet offer a classic, timeless appeal. They’re quite luxurious in their appearance, making them a good choice for living spaces such as the lounge or master bedroom. Roman blinds hang straight when down and form pleats when raised. When they’re open, the material sits in horizontal folds which stack on top of one another. As well as having stylish good looks, they also block out light effectively whilst keeping rooms warm due to the thicker fabrics that tend to be used.

Venetian blinds 

Venetian blinds are a good choice if you’re looking to add a touch of contemporary style to a room. Their horizontal slats are usually made from wood, although aluminium is becoming an increasingly popular option. Aluminium slats are moisture-resistant, making them ideal for rooms that attract moisture and mess such as the kitchen and bathroom. The slats are suspended on ladder cords and can be easily adjusted in order to let in the right amount of light. They give you full control over how much light is allowed to enter a room.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds offer a modern, fashionable look for various rooms within the home. Highly decorative due to their delicate concertina-like folds, they are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and conservatories with bi-folding doors. Pleated blinds offer a fantastic level of light control and privacy whilst also having insulative qualities that allow you to cut your energy bills considerably.

Vertical blinds 

Vertical blinds may have reached their peak popularity back in the 1990s but they remain a fairly common choice due to their versatility. Ideal for large windows, they are easily adjustable to let in the right amount of light. They’re particularly popular for offices since they also do a great job of protecting your privacy. Some people think vertical blinds look a bit dated, however, with so many design and colour choices available, it’s easy to select the right blinds for your tastes and existing décor. 

Perfect Fit blinds Remote Controlled blinds in Sheffield

Hitting the market in 2005, Perfect Fit blinds have quickly become one of the most sought-after window treatments. Clipping between the glass and beading on a window, they fit neatly inside the frame without requiring any drilling during the installation process. This makes them incredibly easy to fit. Perfect Fit blinds are suitable for many types of windows, including those that are awkwardly shaped. 

Day and Night blinds 

Although similar in appearance to roller blinds, Day and Night blinds are constructed differently. They are made using two separate layers of fabric, each with both sheer and opaque panels. These panels can be easily adjusted to let light in or out, allowing you to adapt the lighting level to suit different situations. Slide the panels open if you want more light to come in or slide them closed to reduce or block it out. Day and Night blinds are very easy to operate, either by using a sidewinder or a remote control.

Stylish and affordable blinds in Sheffield and Rotherham

If you’re looking for high-quality blinds in Sheffield, Rotherham or the surrounding areas, look no further than UKBlinds Direct. We stock blinds in a wide range of styles, including those mentioned in this article. Plus, with so many designs, colours and materials to choose from, it’s easy to find the right blinds for your home or office. Our prices are highly competitive too, with our prices some of the most affordable in the area. 

At UK Blinds Direct, we provide a free measuring and fitting service. This means we’ll come out to your property to carry out accurate measurements of your windows before returning to fit your new blinds to an impeccably high standard. We’ll ensure a flawless finish for your blinds.   

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