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What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters?

3rd October 2021

Protecting the environment has never been more important. Therefore, it makes sense to ask “What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters?” when shopping for window coverings. Whilst they are often chosen to add style and elegance to a room, they can also help to protect the world we live in. Read on to find out more. 

How can blinds and shutters protect the environment?

Duette Blinds in Rotherham

The environment has become a pressing issue in recent years, with more and more people realising that the world as we know it is in danger of deteriorating due to global warming. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many of us are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprints. This often begins in the home, with eco-friendly products chosen instead of those that cause harm to the environment. Blinds and shutters are the best options for window coverings if you want to do your bit for the planet. Keep reading to find out why.

A high level of insulation

Many styles of blinds and shutters can provide a high level of insulation, helping to keep homes at a comfortable temperature all year round. They seal the window effectively, ensuring there are no gaps from which heat can escape. Duette blinds are a particularly good choice since they trap air in separate pockets, providing an insulating barrier to keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. If you’re looking to buy Duette blinds in Sheffield or Rotherham, contact UKBlinds Direct. By investing in eco-friendly blinds, you won’t just help to protect the environment and keep your home warmer – you’ll also cut your energy bills by up to 25%. With energy costs consistently rising, this is an important factor to consider. 

Bring natural light into your home

When considering what are the eco-friendly benefits of using blinds and shutters, light control should be high on the list. Most styles of blinds and shutters can be easily adjusted to let in as much or as little natural light into your home as you choose. This can reduce your dependence on artificial lighting sources, helping to save energy and cut your carbon emissions. You can easily achieve your preferred lighting level with blinds and shutters, whether you want to flood a room with daylight in the morning or create soft lighting perfect for relaxing in the evening. 

One of the best blinds styles for light control is Day and Night. Day and Night blinds have two separate layers of fabric – one transparent and the other a block colour. These two layers can be adjusted to achieve a range of lighting solutions. Other traditional styles including vertical and Venetian blinds also allow for highly effective light control. 

Made using sustainable materials

Duette Blinds in Rotherham

Manufacturers are increasingly making blinds and shutters using sustainable materials. This makes them ideal for those people who are seeking to cut their carbon footprint. Again, Duette blinds are a good option since they’re constructed from recycled materials. Other possibilities include blinds and shutters made from aluminium and linen. Aluminium is the most abundant metal worldwide and can be recycled repeatedly. Linen is also one of the most environmentally sustainable fibres to produce. 

Choosing real wood blinds and shutters is an option, however, it’s important to ensure that the company you buy them from only works with suppliers who harvest from responsibly managed forests. In doing so, you can ensure that the window coverings you buy are eco-friendly. 

Low maintenance 

Unlike curtains that are famously high-maintenance due to getting very dirty at the top and in the folds, blinds and shutters are usually quite simple to care for. Curtains need regular machine washing to keep them looking their best, which can have an impact on the environment over time. Using lots of electricity and water is bad news for the planet. However, blinds and shutters usually only require a quick wipe down every so often to remove dust and dirt. Since they don’t require washing with hazardous cleaning products, blinds and shutters are far more eco-friendly than curtains.

Choose UKBlinds Direct for eco-friendly blinds

If you’re looking to buy eco-friendly blinds and shutters in Rotherham or Sheffield, look no further than UKBlinds Direct. We stock a huge range of blinds in both traditional and modern styles. As well as classic styles like vertical, pleated, roller, and Roman, we also stock Perfect Fit, Day and Night, and Duette, amongst several others. We also offer a wealth of colour options to suit all tastes. If you need help choosing the right blinds or shutters for your home, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our blinds specialists. With years of experience at hand and a fantastic knowledge of the most eco-friendly products on the market now, we can offer the expert advice that you need. 

Free measuring and fitting 

When you choose UKBlinds Direct for eco-friendly blinds, you’ll receive a complimentary measuring and fitting service. Our friendly fitters can come to your home to carry out accurate measurements of your windows before returning again to fit your blinds to the highest possible standards. You can rest assured that your new blinds will offer you unbeatable insulation and light control. 

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