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What are the trending blinds in 2022?

2nd November 2022

Blind trends are always changing, with new styles hitting the market all the time. Whilst traditional styles such as roller, Roman and Venetian remain popular, modern options like Perfect Fit and day and night blinds are in increasingly high demand. Read on to find out what are the trending blinds in 2022.

This year’s top blind styles 

There are more blind styles to choose from than ever. With trends shifting all the time to cater to people’s changing needs. There are styles designed to enhance light control as well as those intended to make their operation easier for those with poor mobility. Furthermore, blinds are made to be as energy efficient as possible. Helping people to keep warm and save money at the same time. At UKBlinds Direct, we offer blinds in a wide range of traditional and modern styles. Giving our customers a fantastic choice of window coverings for their homes. Keep reading to learn what are the trending blinds in 2022.

Perfect Fit blindsPerfect Fit Blinds in Rotherham

Perfect Fit blinds first hit the market in 2005 and quickly became a popular option for those seeking stylish and practical window coverings. These blinds are ideal for nearly all types of windows, even tilt and turn and other awkward styles. Since they fit onto the window directly, essentially becoming a part of it, the window is able to move much more freely. They create less clutter than other types of blinds. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to install Perfect Fit blinds is they’re so simple to install. They don’t require drilling into the wall since they fit directly onto the window. This makes them ideal for rental properties.

Day and night blinds 

If you’re looking for blinds that offer unbeatable light control, look no further than day and night blinds. These are essentially layered shades that allow you to let in or block out light. They operate in a similar way to roller blinds, but rather than having a single sheet of fabric, they have both sheer and opaque panels. Day and night blinds offer the perfect balance between light control and privacy. Keep in mind that whilst these blinds are suitable for most windows, they don’t do well on those that are shaped or sloped windows. Perfect Fit blinds may be more suitable for these windows. 

Duette blinds 

Often referred to as one of the most energy-efficient blinds on the market, Duette blinds do a fantastic job of stopping heat from escaping through the window. The honeycomb design means there’s a layer of air in the blind that works similarly to double glazing. It helps to prevent the warm air from escaping in the winter months, keeping your home warm and cosy. By helping to keep your home warmer, Duette blinds can help to reduce your energy bills, saving you money at a time when gas and electricity costs are rising across the UK. 

Automated blinds 

2022 has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for automated blinds. Automated blinds have become increasingly popular as people look to make operating their window coverings easier than ever. Operated by a motor which is located within the roller mechanism, the blinds can be adjusted using a switch, remote or even a smartphone app. 

Automated blinds are not only ideal if you want to be able to open and close them from wherever you are at the touch of a button, but they allow you to more easily control the light that comes through difficult-to-reach windows. We’re one of the leading suppliers of automated blinds in Sheffield and Rotherham, so why not discuss your options with one of our team? Automated blinds come in a range of different styles, fabrics and colours to suit your needs and tastes.

Wooden Blinds in Living RoomWooden blinds 

Wooden blinds are trending in 2022, with more and more people choosing them for their homes and offices. Not only are wooden blinds effortlessly stylish, offering a chic and elegant look, but they also provide fantastic light control and insulation. Their horizontal louvres can be easily adjusted to let in as much or as little light as you choose. Helping you to create the perfect ambience. Plus, because wood is a natural insulator, these blinds can help to prevent the warm air from escaping from a room. Keeping it warm during the winter months. Wooden blinds may be one of the more expensive options, but for many people, the extra cost is worth it due to the style and practicality they bring. Wooden blinds come in a range of shades to suit your tastes and the existing colour scheme.  

Shop for blinds in Sheffield or Rotherham 

UKBlinds Direct is the leading supplier of window blinds in Rotherham and Sheffield. Over the years, we have installed high-quality blinds in homes throughout South Yorkshire, becoming renowned for our high-quality products and professional service. One of the biggest reasons to choose us for your blinds is that we provide a free measuring and fitting service. One of our experienced fitters will come out to your home to measure up your windows accurately. Ensuring an exceptional finish for your blinds. What’s more is that with some of the most competitive prices on the market right now. You can rest assured that you won’t need to pay over the odds for blinds for your home.

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