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What are Venetian blinds?

1st June 2022

Venetian blinds have been a common feature in homes across the UK for many years. Stylish, elegant and offering fantastic control over light and privacy, it’s easy to see why they have remained so popular over time. At UK Blinds Direct, we supply and fit all types of window shading in a range of designs, colours, and materials, catering to various tastes, needs and budgets. Read on to find out what are Venetian blinds. 

All about Venetian blinds 

What are Venetian blinds?

This type of blind is also referred to as horizontal blinds since they’re made up of a series of horizontal slats. You can freely open and close these slats to choose how much light to let into a room at any given time. There’s also a cord that lets you pull the blinds all the way up should you wish to reveal your whole window and flood a room with natural light. They also come with different slat widths and in a range of colours and finishes.

Where did Venetian blinds originate?

Many people assume that they originated in Venice, Italy. Given their name, this is a natural assumption. However, contrary to popular thought, they actually originated in Persia (now known as Iran). According to a  book by Thomas French, published in 1941, Venetian traders discovered these window blinds in Persia and then brought the idea back to Venice.

French stated that later on in the 1700s, slaves who had been granted liberty brought this style blinds to France, hence the French name for window blinds being “Les Persienes,” – a reference to their origins. They quickly became a very popular style of blinds and remain so today, with people choosing them for a variety of rooms in the home. Venetian blinds are ideal for most rooms, including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Highly versatile and available in so many different colours and designs, they’re sure to look their best wherever you install them.

Do Venetian blinds offer good light control?

Venetian Blinds in Sheffield

When people ask us “What are Venetian blinds?”, we often tell them that they’re the best blinds for light control. Because they’re incredibly easy to adjust, it’s really easy to gain control over how much daylight enters a room. When the blinds are closed, you can reduce the light coming in – ideal for when you need shade. Keep in mind they won’t block out light completely since it can always seep through the slats. If you want to block out all light, we recommend opting for blackout blinds instead. 

Alternatively, you can tilt the slats to let in just the right amount of light or pull them all the way up to let the light flood the room. You can balance your light needs with your privacy requirements, giving you the best of both worlds.

What are Venetian blinds made from? 

Venetian blinds are made from a number of different materials, most commonly wood (real and faux), aluminium and plastic. Which you choose will depend on various factors, including where you want them installed and your budget. Whilst real wood blinds are a popular choice, they’re also the most expensive and may not be suitable for rooms that attract a lot of moisture, such as the kitchen or bathroom. For these rooms, faux wood or aluminium Venetian blinds may be more appropriate. If you’re not sure which material to choose for your new blinds, talk to our team. We can discuss your options with you, helping you to select the perfect blinds for your home.

Venetian blinds in Rotherham and Sheffield

If you’re looking for Venetian blinds in Rotherham or Sheffield, look no further than UKBlinds Direct. We stock a fantastic range of blinds in this style, with both aluminium and wood options to choose from. We make Venetian blinds to the highest standards from quality materials, ensuring that they’re not just attractive but durable too. You can expect your Venetian blinds to take pride of place in your home for many years to come.  

Free fitting for your Venetian blinds 

At UKBlinds Direct, we offer a free measuring and fitting service too. Our experienced fitters can come out to your home to carry out accurate measurements of your windows. This ensures an exceptional finish for your blinds. Our made to measure blinds are designed to fit the exact dimensions of your window frame. Not only does this make them more aesthetically pleasing but it also helps to reduce any gaps, blocking our light and enhancing your privacy even further. Our measuring and fitting service comes included in the price of the blinds, ensuring that there are no surprise costs.

Save money on your Venetian blinds

When you purchase Venetian blinds from UKBlinds Direct, you can expect to save a significant amount of money. Our blinds are locally manufactured, allowing you to save up to 40% compared with some other suppliers. We’re proud to offer some of the most competitive prices for them in the region today. When you buy blinds from us, you won’t need to worry about forking out to replace them every couple of years. Our blinds are made to the highest standards, ensuring that they’re durable and hardwearing. 

Contact us 

Now that you know what they are now, you may be looking to buy them for your home, or even your office. If so, it’s time to get in touch with UKBlinds Direct – the leading supplier of Venetian blinds in Rotherham and Sheffield. Call us on 01709 645 047 or 0114 419 0237, or send us a message via the website. We can answer all your questions about Venetian blinds and arrange a free home visit.