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Which Blinds Should I Have For My Bathroom?

3rd June 2015

As an integral part of any bathroom’s design, blinds both control light levels in your room and ensure your family’s privacy. Adding to the aesthetics of a room, bathroom blinds should be chosen not only for functionality and practicality but also for their style, ensuring they work well with your property’s existing decor. The blinds market today is rich with choices for homeowners, providing style with substance in each and every design put forward, so here we explain a little more about some of the blinds that work best in bathrooms and why this may be.

Roller Blinds

A practical and stylish choice for any bathroom, roller blinds are available in a variety of colours and designs to fit in with your bathroom’s existing decor. The fabric you choose can blend in with the ability to endure and withstand humid conditions fairly well. This is due to their structure, a simple piece of fabric that can be chosen on account of its waterproof properties. Roller blinds can be rolled up during the day to the top of the window frame to ensure they are not exposed to excess humidity and – in the process – allow a lot of light to flood into your bathroom, helping surfaces dry quickly.

Venetian Blinds

Whether wooden or metal slats would better suit your bathroom’s decor and overall feel, there are a variety of choices when it comes to venetian blinds. Controlling light coming in to your bathroom, as well as being easily adjustable for total privacy or simply a little cover, this style of blind can be adjusted easily to perfectly fit your needs. Creating a sense of serious style, the venetian blind is an excellent choice both for modern and more dated properties.

Vertical Blinds

Though not always the first choice when buying blinds for a bathroom, vertical blinds are in fact a good match for the majority of bathrooms, both new and old. Fitting comfortably and neatly into most windows, the blinds can be drawn to one side to allow access to the window and light to come pouring through. Alternatively, the blinds can be fully closed for total privacy and light-blocking properties; something which is often high on the agenda when fitting a bathroom. Available in a variety of colours, designs and materials, vertical blinds also have the benefit of coming readymade or being manufactured in a made-to-measure manner to suit your window’s individual dimensions.

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