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Why blinds are better than curtains

8th March 2021

Are you unsure whether to choose blinds or curtains for your home? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to decide between these two types of window coverings. However, whilst both options have benefits, blinds usually win due to their style, practicality, and ease of operation. Read on to find out more about why blinds are better than curtains for your property.  

Styles, colours, patterns, and fabrics to meet your needs

Why are blinds better than curtains

One of the biggest reasons to choose blinds over curtains is the huge range of styles on offer. From practical roller and vertical blinds to elegant Roman or Venetian, there’s a style to suit your needs and tastes. At UKBlinds Direct, we’re one of the leading suppliers of window blinds in Rotherham and Sheffield. So, you can rest assured that we can provide you with the right blinds for your property. With so many colours, patterns, and fabrics to choose from, turning your vision into reality couldn’t be easier. Why not arrange for one of our team to visit your home and show you some samples in person? We’re ready and waiting to help you find the perfect blinds. 

Control light more effectively

Blinds offer so much more than simply adding aesthetic appeal to your home. They also offer fantastic light control, letting you manage how much natural light enters a room. Blinds are much better at this than curtains which are designed to stop light from coming into a space altogether. They let you filter the light to meet your needs. So, whether you want to bathe a room in bright sunlight, block it out completely, or let in some light to create the right ambiance, you can with blinds. Most blinds offer some level of light control, however, some are better than others at doing so. Venetian or vertical blinds are most effective thanks to their louvres which can be angled accordingly to control the light. 

Keep your home warm or cool all year round

Curtains are great at keeping homes warm in the colder months. However, they’re not quite so effective at cooling rooms down when the temperatures rise in the summer. Blinds on the other hand are renowned for their insulative qualities and their ability to keep rooms comfortable all year round. One of the best types of blinds for insulation is vision blinds. Combining two layers of fabric, they trap heat between them, helping to keep your home either warm or cool depending on the season. Since your home will be so well insulated by your blinds, you’ll be less likely to crank up your heating or air conditioning as often, saving you money throughout the year. More and more people are choosing twist blinds in Sheffield and Rotherham thanks to their insulative properties. 

Simple to operate 

Some people are deterred from blinds as they think they’re difficult to use. However, in reality, blinds are just as simple to operate as curtains. At UKBlinds Direct, we manufacture many blinds which are completely cordless, making them very straightforward to use. Cordless blinds don’t require you to pull a cord to lift them, instead of coming with a SafeLock button at the bottom. You won’t need to deal with a tangled jumble of strings hanging down from your windows. 

The absence of cords makes them much safer for children and pets too. Blinds become even easier to operate when you choose an automated solution. Automated blinds allow you to open and close your windows from wherever you are using a remote or app via your mobile phone. They’re a great option if you have several blinds around your home, they’re situated in difficult to reach locations, or you have problems with mobility.  

Keep them looking their best

Blinds in Rotherham

One of the biggest concerns many people have when buying window coverings is maintenance. They want to know that they’ll stay looking their best in the future. Whilst curtains can be challenging to maintain, often requiring dry cleaning, blinds are much easier to care for. They need minimal cleaning to ensure they stay looking great. Usually, a quick wipe down is all that’s needed, particularly roller blinds and vertical blinds which are often made from wipe-clean fabrics like PVC. They’re ideal for rooms which attract mess, such as kids bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Timeless appeal 

Blinds offer timeless appeal, ensuring they’ll stay looking stylish for a long time to come. Curtains often start out looking chic and elegant, but as time passes, they tend to become somewhat tasteless and dated. This can seriously impact the aesthetics of a room. If you’re seeking blinds which are likely to hold onto their style in the future, consider Roman blinds. This classic blind type has taken pride of place in homes for over 2000 years. Whilst they were originally created for function over fashion, keeping homes dust-free during the construction of the Colosseum in Rome, these days they’re renowned for their attractiveness. They’ve become increasingly popular due to their ability to strike the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary design.

Affordable window coverings

Curtains often cost significantly more than blinds, particularly if you’re looking for a made to measure solution. In contrast, blinds are usually more affordable, with options available for a wide range of budgets. Ay UKBlinds Direct, we offer some of the most competitively priced window blinds in Rotherham and Sheffield. We sell top quality products but at prices you can afford. So, if you’re seeking bespoke blinds which offer fantastic value for money, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Blinds vs Curtains?

The choice between blinds and curtains can be tough. However, when you consider the many advantages that blinds offer, we think you’ll agree that they’re the better option.

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