Why Choose Vision Blinds for your Home?

Vision Blinds

Here at UK Blinds Direct, we strive to give you the best results, so you can get everything you need out of your blinds. Vision blinds can be suitable for your home for a variety of reasons and at UK Blinds Direct, we offer our customers a unique supply of these new style of blinds.

What are Vision Blinds?

Due to the relative newness of these types of blinds, they are referred to by different names, including:

  • Day and night blinds
  • Duplex blinds
  • Mirage blinds
  • Zebra blinds

Vision blinds are a unique type of blind which have two layers of fabric – both differing in their transparency. One layer is transparent, and the other layer is an opaque block of colour or design. This enables you to have usage of the blinds during the day and night, without having to constantly adjust the level of the blind. They are ideal for all seasons, as they can adapt to different light levels easily, so you can create a constant environment in your home. Vision blinds can still be completely retracted, as well as the double layers modified to angle the light and suit the needs of you and your home.

Why are they useful?

Vision blinds offer you an array of benefits, including:

  • Privacy – The doubled layered blinds give you the privacy within your home without having to block out all the natural sunlight. In the winter months you can make the most of the limited daylight hours. During the summer, you can reduce the harshness of the sunlight entering your home with vision blinds, which creates a lovely atmosphere for you and your family.
  • Made-to-measure – We can fit vision blinds into any size window, giving you the flexibility to choose where you want to install these blinds. Our professional fit and finish could transform the look of your room, giving it a more modern and updated feel.
  • High quality – We never fit our customers with blinds of sub-par quality, so we guarantee you will receive the best quality blinds in your home.   
  • Huge colour range – We offer an extensive collection of unique colours and designs to cater to all our customers needs – whether you want a more neutral tone or something more eye-catching.
  • Insulation – Because the blinds have two layers, they are able to retain heat more effectively, thereby reduce your heating bills in the winter months. They also have the capacity to reflect the heat during the summer, so you can maintain a cooler atmosphere within your home.

Based in Sheffield and Rotherham, UK Blinds Direct and our expert team of professionals, can offer a variety of services, so you can have the perfect blinds for your home. For more information on vision blinds, please contact us today!