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3 Reasons to Pick Roman Blinds

21st January 2016

Roman blinds have been growing in popularity over the recent years, drawing in a large crowd that would normally favour curtains over blinds, as the material and style of the blind make it a perfect slimline substitute for bulkier curtains.

What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are made from layers of soft material that work on a system of cords and concertinas to fold sections of the material upon itself, creating a stack of material at the top of the window.

Style & Functionality

Roman blinds are a popular choice because the layers of fabric create a soft, draped look. On top of this, Roman blinds are available in a range of beautiful colours and patterns that make the blind work as both a complimentary piece or as a focal point. This elegant design takes up much less room than curtains without compromising on the rich textures, making them much better suited for smaller windows and enabling more light to enter the room when fully opened. Able to be fully or part extended, this blind also delivers on shading and privacy needs, making it an all round winner in style and functionality.

Thermal Properties

The layers of material in Roman blinds enable them to trap cold air on the outside and prevent the heat from within your home from exiting through the windows. This insulating property will not only keep your home warmer for longer, it will even reduce your energy consumption and therefore your gas bill, making them a great investment piece that will pay for themselves in no time! As well as this, whereas curtains sit in front of radiators and block the heat from entering your home, Roman blinds are positioned well above the radiator, enabling the warm air to circulate through your room much more easily.


You can even add an extra layer of blackout material to Roman blinds, so not only will your blinds look good and insulate your home, they’ll also block the light and enable you to get a better night’s sleep.

UK Blinds Direct have easy to operate and aesthetically pleasing Roman blinds in a variety of colours and patterns. Available made to measure to your specifications, our blinds add a perfect delicate touch to any room – ask us about our blackout material to really make the most of your selection! For more information on our Roman blinds, or any of our other styles, you can get in touch with us here; we’ll be happy to help.