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Best Blinds for Bay Windows

31st January 2020

Bay windows, depending on size and shape, can be notoriously difficult to dress, with many homeowners wondering which blinds would be best for providing privacy, light control and exceptional style. Here at UK Blinds Direct, we’re on hand to offer a range of styles that would be ideal for dressing your bay window, regardless of its shape or size. With a made-to-measure service available, we’ll be able to cater for your every need.

bay window with blinds

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are ideal for providing exceptional light and privacy control, something which homeowners consider to be an important factor when choosing a set blinds for large windows. As well as this, roller blinds also have some insulative properties when lowered. They help to trap unwelcome draughts, keeping the warmth in and the cold out – this can also help to lower the cost of your energy bills, particularly in the winter.

In addition to keeping your house warm during the colder months, they can help to keep your house cool in the height of summer, blocking out the heat of the sun and protecting your eyes from bright light.

Roller blinds are a simple, classic window dressing solution, particularly for large bay windows. They can be operated relatively easily and even come in a range of different colours and patterns, ensuring you’re provided with a set of blinds that flawlessly match your style.

With a made-to-measure service available, you’ll be able to benefit from our free fitting services, accurate quotations and home visits, you’ll always find what you’re looking for with us here at UK Blinds Direct.


Vertical Blinds

Consisting of contemporary, timeless style, vertical blinds are ideal for dressing large bay windows. Their smooth, simple operation allows them to be opened and closed with absolute ease, making them suitable for all. Vertical blinds are ideal for filtering out bright light whilst also providing maximum privacy when required – something which can be difficult to achieve with a large bay window.

As well as this, they’re also incredibly low maintenance, meaning you won’t have to worry about dusting down slats or deep cleaning any headrails. For advice on how to clean your vertical blinds efficiently, when the time comes, have a look at our handy cleaning guide.

Coming in a wide range of different colours and fabrics, together with a made-to-measure service and free fittings and home visits, we’ll be able to meet your exact specifications and requirements when you choose to vertical blinds installed by us here at UK Blinds Direct.


Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are incredibly versatile, exceptionally stylish and easy to maintain. With a variety of different options available to you, Venetian blinds would be ideal for dressing your bay window, regardless of the colour or material you opt for. We’ll be able to find you a set of Venetian blinds that flawlessly complement your style.

As well as being aesthetically easy on the eye, Venetian blinds are also incredibly practical. They can be set in a variety of different positions. You can have them lowered with the slats completely closed to provide maximum privacy and light control, you could have them lowered with the slats open to let in, and subsequently direct, some natural light, or you could fully raise the blinds to let in copious amounts of sunshine.  The opportunities are endless with a set of Venetian blinds.

They’re also incredibly easy to clean. Simply run a feather duster over the slats and across the fixtures and fittings to prevent the build-up of dust which in turn will keep your blinds operating smoothly for a long time to come.


Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a warm, homely alternative to more contemporary blind styles. Their thick, durable material helps to ensure that warmth is retained within the home, while cold draughts are kept out. This will help to lower energy costs as well as helping to keep your family warm and cosy, especially during the winter months.

In addition to keeping your house warm, Roman blinds can efficiently shut out sunlight and provide maximum privacy when required. With smooth, high-quality mechanisms allowing the blinds to be raised and lowered with absolute ease, Roman blinds are an ideal choice when dressing large bay windows.

Here at UK Blinds Direct, our Roman blinds come in an array of different colours, patterns and fabrics, all available at reasonable prices. With free fittings, home visits and quotations available, you’ll never be disappointed when buying Roman blinds with us here at UK Blinds Direct.


Pleated blinds

Their unique, modern design makes pleated blinds a popular choice with homeowners. They have excellent light control, keeping the heat of the summer sun out, whilst also providing an impressive amount of privacy when you need it most.

The pleated blinds we’re able to supply here at UK Blinds Direct are available in a wide range of different colours, so we’ll be sure to provide you with a set of blinds to seamlessly blend with your home decor, regardless of how simple or flamboyant your style is. Hanging them in a large bay window will allow passersby to admire the contemporary, sleek look that pleated blinds are able to provide.


UK Blinds Direct are proud to be able to supply high-quality, durable, stylish blinds to suit every home. Regardless of the shape or size of your window, we’ll have the perfect solution for you. With free home visits and fitting services, together with an accurate quotation free of charge, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing a window dressing from us here at UK Blinds Direct. For more information about the products we sell and the services we provide, get in touch with us today – we’re based in Rotherham and Sheffield, but are able to operate throughout Hull, East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas.