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What are the Best Blinds for Summer?

26th June 2018

Most of us look forward to spending time outside during the hotter summer months but when it comes to our homes, we still want these to be pleasantly cool. With the sun rising before 5am, setting after 9pm, and windows absorbing many hours of sunlight, summer can be a challenging time for your home to stay comfortable. A great way to manage the sun is with clever use of blinds, so let’s take a look at some of the best blinds for helping to cope with the summer months.


My bedroom is too light to sleep

Light mornings and long evenings are generally a welcome feature of summertime. However, when you are trying to get a good night’s sleep, excessive light can quickly become disruptive rather than enjoyable. If you have young children with early bedtimes or just relish your weekend lie-ins, blackout blinds will be a much appreciated addition to the bedroom.

When it comes to blackout blinds, you have a lot of choice. There are many different styles available in a blackout finish – such as roller, perfect fit and Roman blinds – so you have the freedom to select a blind which complements your interior style.

Summer Blinds in bedroom


I want to open my windows but still have privacy

Throwing wide your windows to let in a cooling breeze can be one of the easiest ways to keep your rooms feeling fresh in summer. Particularly in rooms such as a bathroom or kitchen, steam and humidity can build up to create a stuffy space which needs the relief of an open window.

Most blinds, when closed to prevent glare and offer privacy, will block any air flow into your home. Venetian or vertical blinds with their rotatable slats, however, are the perfect summer solution. By angling the slats, you can maintain privacy by blocking a line of sight into your room, achieve great light control and still allow in that beautiful summer breeze.

Summer Vertical Blind in Kitchen


How can I prevent my conservatory becoming a heat trap?

Conservatories are a lovely blend between your home and garden, but all that glass can inevitably mean the room begins to feel like a greenhouse when the sun comes out. Having well-fitted, quality blinds in your conservatory – for glass windows, doors and ceiling panes – can make a huge difference to how much heat it absorbs and, as a consequence, how comfortable the room is to spend time in.

Some of the best options for conservatory blinds include aluminium Venetians – bear in mind real wood can warp in high temperatures – pleated and roller blinds. For pleated and roller blinds, ensuring your fabric choice has a solar reflective coating on the back is key as this will ensure a lot of the solar radiation and heat hitting your conservatory is reflected rather than absorbed. Selecting any style in a perfect fit finish will further help to stop heat seeping through the gaps.

Summer Blinds in Conservatory


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