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Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Bedroom

14th December 2015

This month we’re looking at how choosing the right blind for your bedroom can be the difference between a terrible night’s sleep and a great one. There are many factors to consider, including light control, aesthetic appeal and noise reduction, all of which this article will address.

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Light Control

The first, and maybe the most important, consideration you should make when selecting a blind for your bedroom is the amount of light control you will be needing. In general, blinds with slats, whether vertical or horizontal, are a good option for the bedroom because they can be tilted and adjusted to offer varying degrees of light control and privacy and, when fully closed, will effectively block light.

When thinking about light control, you need to consider the fabric you will be using for your blinds. Obviously, a harder material, such as wood, will be much more effective at blocking light than a blind made out of a light layer of fabric so opt for firm materials if you prefer a darker environment to sleep.

Roller blinds are an excellent blind choice for light control as they can adjusted to block the varying shading requirements before being fully extended to completely block the light from the window.

If you need complete blackness to sleep comfortably, a blackout blind might be perfect for you. These blinds are backed with a specialist material to completely block light from entering the room, meaning that no matter the time of day, when fully extended, your room will be in the perfect condition for sleeping.

Colour & Style

Colour is another important aspect of your blind selection; you should select a blind that you feel complements your decor, however, when it comes to bedrooms, you might be best to avoid busy patterns or loud colours as they do not encourage a peaceful and restful environment. Opt for something neutral to make your room more relaxing.
In general, darker colours will be better for the bedroom as they block the light from the room more effectively and produce a more restful environment.


A warm room will aid you in falling asleep, so opt for a blind with insulating properties to keep the heat in the room – wooden blinds, for example, are excellent insulators.

Noise Reduction

A final consideration to help you have a restful night is to consider choosing a blind based on its noise reduction qualities. Installing a good window treatment will provide another sound barrier to your window and help create a quiet, peaceful environment.

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