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Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Living Room

3rd November 2015

Following on from last month’s article, choosing the best blinds for your kitchen, this month we’re turning our attention to the living room. As the most used room in the home, the living room sees families gathering together to socialise and relax, and it is for this reason that choosing a blind to suit the room is vital for creating a welcoming environment.


The blinds in your living room are likely to see heavy traffic, being adjusted regularly to adapting lighting and privacy needs. This is a consideration you should keep in mind when choosing the style of blind for your room. Choose a durable material and a blind that offers easy functionality – able to be fully opened, tilted and closed with ease. We’d recommend vision blinds to achieve a good balance between lighting and privacy with easy use.


Of course, the key to choosing the right blind for your living room is to consider the aesthetic you want to achieve. If you’re looking for something constructed of a softer material to maintain the cosy feeling of the room, opt for a Roman blind. Available in a huge range of beautiful colour and pattern options, this glamorous blind is a welcome addition to any decor.


Whilst all blinds offer some degree of privacy from the outside world, interior lighting can cast shadows through thinner materials, both inside the home and to the exterior world. If you want to completely cut your living room off from the outside, opt for a firmer, thicker blind such as an aluminium Venetian blind which, when closed, will completely cocoon you and your family in your home.


Another key consideration is the comfort of yourself and your family. With the winter months swiftly approaching, keeping your home warm and cosy is necessary to maintain comfort. Choose a high-insulating window treatment, such as a wooden blind, to keep the heat in your home. In summer, this will also aid in keeping your home cooler and more comfortable!

For more information on energy efficient blinds, check out our previous post on the matter.


If you’re looking for a low-maintenance blind that simply requires an occasional wipe to keep clean, a roller blind might be the most suitable for you. This simple and sleek blind is easy to use and simply requires a little dusting every once in awhile to keep it looking great.

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