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How To Create A Stylish Conservatory

27th September 2017

How to Style Your Conservatory Like a Professional

If you are thinking about renovating your conservatory, you will want to make sure you truly get the most from this unique space. A conservatory can be incredibly versatile and a wonderful addition to your living space, no matter what you use the extra square footage for.

How you can optimally use your conservatory will depend a lot upon your individual space and design preferences. However, in this article, we have put together some general tips which can help you to create a stylish and practical conservatory.

Establish a Function

An error that a lot of people make with conservatories is to not give the room a particular function. This can often lead to the space being underused, or even just becoming a storage space. To truly make the most of your lovely conservatory, make sure you define the space. Think about what your home lacks and remedy this in your conservatory – whether that is a dedicated dining space, a playroom for the kids or a tranquil, relaxing retreat. Once you have decided what this room will be used for, you can go about styling the room accordingly.

Choose a Style

Ideally, when doing up a room, you should have a style in mind that you hope to achieve. This way, you will be able to pick pieces that exclusively match your vision, leaving you with a cohesive room instead of mismatched, uncoordinated furnishings. Botanical, nautical and country styles are but some of the popular choices for conservatories.

If you are someone that enjoys switching up your interior design quite regularly, you should choose neutral backdrops to showcase feature furnishings. Not only will pale, neutral walls and flooring make your room look bigger, they will also save you having to carry out such drastic redecorating – the basics can stay the same whilst you merely update soft furnishings.

Update Window Coverings

One of the aspects of a conservatory which can have a big impact upon the character and style of the room is the window coverings. Due to the sheer amount of glasswork in a conservatory, your blinds are likely going to take up a large amount of space. Blinds don’t have to be purely functional, they can be a design feature in themselves. Pleated blinds in a bold colour, printed perfect fit blinds or timeless and elegant shutters can all amp up the style of your interiors.

Add Greenery

A conservatory is a unique space which blends the boundaries between outdoors and indoors. An attractive way to enhance this feature, no matter what interior style you choose, is to add lush plant life into the room. Decorative palms, succulents, pot plants and cacti will all thrive in the warm, sunny environment all whilst adding a natural, fresh feel.

Don’t Overcrowd

As mentioned previously, don’t be tempted to just let your conservatory become a storage space for little-used furniture, belongings and knick-knacks. You can be sure that the more overrun with clutter the space becomes, the less you will use it. Keep your room feeling open and airy by keeping it free from clutter. Similarly, be sure not to overcrowd the space with furnishings to ensure you emphasise the beautiful view outdoors.


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