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What Are Vision Blinds?

12th February 2015

There are many types of blind available on the market today, all which suit a number of different requirements and specifications. Some of the common types of blind include the roller, venetian and vertical blinds, all of which hold their own merits and work effectively to provide a host of practical and useful aspects, as well as a pleasing aesthetic in your room.

Providing an even more practical alternative to the traditional venetian, roller or vertical blind is the vision blind. A fairly new addition to the blinds world, this innovative design cleverly combines privacy and light control with an aesthetically-pleasing, sophisticated design. The vision blind has a whole host of advantages, which we discuss in this article.

Can be adjusted

Vision blinds, otherwise known as ‘day and night’ or ‘twist’ blinds, consist of two layers of both opaque and translucent woven strips which can be moved independently, and slid past one another to create differing levels of light-blocking and “follow” the sun at points throughout the day. Controlled by a single chain, the mechanism lets you soften bright daylight, reducing the glare that enters your room. Thanks to this innovative design, you can now enjoy the exact level of sunlight you want in your home at any time throughout the day with a simple adjustment of the blinds.


These blinds are an attractive solution, working well for a number of window shapes and sizes. Although suitable for many types of property, these blinds work particularly well in modern properties, and are in keeping with streamlined, minimalist fashions. Available in a whole host of colours, fabrics and designs, the blinds can be worked seamlessly into your home and its existing style and colour scheme; whatever the room.

Good investment for the future

These blinds are innovative and state-of-the-art, making them a seriously worthwhile investment for the future. Rather than buying different sets of blinds for different times of year, vision blinds provide a solution that works year-round to provide practicality in varying degrees and levels of daylight exposure and intensity.

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