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Curtain and Blind Trends for 2017

22nd August 2017

Curtain and Blind Trends This Year

Summertime is the perfect time of year to update your home interior with a spot of DIY or larger scale renovations. If you are looking for a way to revitalise your home’s interior style but don’t want to spend a lot or take drastic measures, clever use of updated on-trend accessories and soft furnishings is an excellent tactic. A simple revamp of your window coverings is a great way to make a big difference to a room. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the biggest curtain and blind trends for 2017 which can easily be used to breathe new life into your home.


Adding textures to a room is a great way to introduce interest without necessarily throwing new colours or bold patterns into the mix. Natural tones work well in a room which uses different textures as they can keep the space from looking too busy. Blinds or curtains using natural weaves or fabric such as linen and burlap can create an airy, laid-back feel. Even prints which evoke textures – for example, brick or stonework – add a welcome twist. On the opposite end of the spectrum, luxe textured fabrics like velvet and silk also work well – particularly in bedrooms – and can be used to add a touch of elegance to a room.


Metallics are a big trend for 2017. They have found their way into decor across the home and are very versatile with different shades and amount of usage creating different effects. Finding feature blinds with metallic flecks or metallic geometric patterns will give a room a contemporary update and create a stylish focal point. Alternatively, metallic Venetian blinds are a great statement choice and can come in a variety of tones. Metallic Venetians are very practical too and will look particularly good in minimalist or industrial style rooms and homes.

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a trend with staying power which is still going strong this year. This trend allows for a lot of personalization and free rein over how much and where you inject colour into your room. You should aim for the rest of your room to be relatively simplistic so as to provide the perfect backdrop for the vibrant, playful pops of colour in colour blocking.
This season, yellows are a particularly fashion-forward shade and will brighten any room of the house. From bright sunshine yellow to more grown up, opulent shades of mustard and turmeric, yellows can be used to great effect in a colour blocking update.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones in interiors are another enduring style. Particularly popular in bedrooms, the sumptuous elegance that these colour schemes evoke can help create the perfect relaxing retreat. There is a wide variety of jewel colours to choose from meaning that there will be something to suit everyone; emerald, amethyst, sapphire and amber tones are all popular and on trend. A decadent Roman blind is an excellent window covering to showcase a rich, jewel-toned fabric.


Nature as interior inspiration has been increasing in popularity lately but has really come to fruition for 2017. In fact, the shade ‘greenery’ has been named by Pantone as their colour of the year for 2017. Using an abundance of greens, wood, natural materials and introducing plentiful houseplants can all help to bring the outdoors in.
Green is a calm, relaxing colour and a natural design scheme can be used to great effect in every room of the house from the living room and home office to a bathroom. To get back to nature from the comfort of your home, try incorporating green blinds – pleated or roller blind styles would work well. Alternatively, the natural materials in woven wood blinds or wooden Venetians will give a more subtle nod to this trend.

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