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Category: Blinds

How to create your perfect cinema room

5th September 2021 by ProDEM

Cinema rooms have become in high demand in recent years, with more and more of us looking to enjoy the ultimate entertainment within the comfort of our homes. If you’re wondering how to create your perfect cinema room so that you can enjoy the very best movies, TV and sports on the big screen, read […]

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The benefits of hospital blinds

9th August 2021 by ProDEM

Blinds are the first-choice window dressing in hospitals and other healthcare settings across the UK. Not only do blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters a space, but they can also provide valuable privacy when required. They are easy to clean too, allowing you to keep them hygienic to prevent the […]

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The top 7 reasons to install blinds

2nd July 2021 by ProDEM

Has the time come to invest in new window coverings for your home? If so, you may be considering installing blinds. Over the years, blinds have become incredibly popular, surpassing curtains as the number one type of window dressing. At UKBlinds Direct, we stock a fantastic range of blinds in Sheffield and Rotherham, with so […]

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What are Perfect Fit blinds?

3rd June 2021 by ProDEM

Perfect Fit blinds have become increasingly popular in recent years, making their way into homes throughout the UK. At UKBlinds Direct, we supply Perfect Fit blinds in a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns, making sure we can cater to our customer’s specific needs and tastes. Read on to find out more about Perfect […]

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Why blinds are better than curtains

8th March 2021 by ProDEM

Are you unsure whether to choose blinds or curtains for your home? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to decide between these two types of window coverings. However, whilst both options have benefits, blinds usually win due to their style, practicality, and ease of operation. Read on to find out more about why […]

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Which blinds are best for bifold doors?

31st January 2021 by ProDEM

Which blinds are best for bifold doors and what are they? Bifolding doors have become increasingly popular in recent years. Constructed from a series of panels which fold up like a concertina, they’re ideal for opening up the space. Bifold doors can be pulled open from the centre, giving great views of the outdoors. They […]

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Will blinds help to keep the cold out?

6th November 2020 by ProDEM

The age-old question will blinds help to keep the cold out? With winter fast approaching, you may be looking for window coverings that can keep the cold out of your home. Blinds are a great choice, allowing you to retain heat in a room and stay comfortable throughout the winter months. At UKBlinds Direct, we […]

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Best Blinds for Bay Windows

31st January 2020 by ProDEM

Bay windows, depending on size and shape, can be notoriously difficult to dress, with many homeowners wondering which blinds would be best for providing privacy, light control and exceptional style. Here at UK Blinds Direct, we’re on hand to offer a range of styles that would be ideal for dressing your bay window, regardless of […]

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A Guide to Cleaning Your Blinds

14th December 2019 by ProDEM

A key part of the decor in your home, your blinds will last longer and look better if you make the effort to keep them clean. There are a number of blind styles you might have in your home, as well as a range of materials, which means there are a variety of approaches required […]

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How to Insulate Windows with Blinds

7th November 2019 by ProDEM

When the temperature drops and the wind picks up, it can only mean one thing – winter is on its way. As the weather begins to turn, homeowners across the country are preparing their houses for the cold snap ahead. Ensuring guttering is clear, cracks in walls are dealt with and the insulation is still […]

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